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Love of the Prophet - Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad


O son, these are some amazing stories about the love the scholars of Deoband had for Rasulullah s.a.w. as narrated by Shaykh Zulfiqar Ahmad. May we emulate them in whatever little way we can. And certainly we love all who love Allah and Rasulullah s.a.w, who, as mentioned in Salawat Ibn Mashish 'him from whom burst open the secrets and stream forth the lights...blessings upon him before whom all understanding is diminished and none of us totally comprehend him whether in the past or in the future..."
Allahumma salli ala Saidina Muhammad wa ala ali Muhammad

Hujjatul Islam Maulana Shaykh Qasim NanotviWhen proceeding for the pilgrimage (Hajj), Maulana Nanotvi refused to wear shoes in the land of the Messenger of Allah for fear of disrespecting the place where he may have walked.
Maulana Nanotvi's traveling companion Hakim Mansur Ali Khan said when we neared Madinah Shaykh Nanotvi took off his shoes from where we could see the dome of Masjid-e Nabawi and walked barefoot. Walking thus he entered the Masjid in the darkness of the night.
Hadrat Madni said this regarding the journey: "Hadrat Nanotvi would not ride despite having a camel available to him. The rough road and stones injured and bloodied his feet. He used to say that he could not imagine stepping with shoes where the Messenger of Allah might have walked."
Hadrat Madni wrote in "Shahabe Thakib" that green shoes were popular in the Maulana's town of Nanota. Someone once presented a pair of such shoes to him as a gift, which he accepted but never wore in his life. When asked about this later, he said that he could not wear something on his feet that had the same color as the dome of Masjid-e Nabawi.
Hadrat Maulana Rashid Ahmed GangohiHadrat Maulana Gangohi had in his possession a piece of the green cloth that had been used for the grave of the Prophet. Whenever anyone wished to see it, Hadrat would first apply it to his own eyes and then place it on the person's head.
Hadrat Maulana would often receive dates from Madinah, which he would keep in a safe place, and only eat them on special occassions. He would aslo keep the seeds in a safe place and regarded anything from Madinah with great value.
On one occasion he was presented with the dust from a corner of the Prophet's tomb. He added this to his kohl and applied it daily. Another time he was presented with clothes from Madinah. One of his students said, "What use are these clothes when they have been stitched in a foreign land?" Hadrat Gangohi replied, "It is enough for us that this cloth felt the breeze of Madinah."
Hadrat Gangohi used to teach in the courtyard of the Darul-Uloom. One day there was a heavy downpour and all the students ran for shelter. Hadrat Gangohi spread his shawl, wrapped the students' shoes in it and carried it on his head. The students felt deeply ashamed and protested that a man of his status should not be doing such work. Hadrat Gangohi replied, "What should Rashid Ahmed do except carry the shoes of those who study the word of Allah and His Prophet?"
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