Saturday, November 30, 2013

Reverse Psychology


Heh...heh...something light and easy for the weekend. Something to tease you. Especially those experiencing the harsh cold winter. Someone reported or should I say lamented: "London is getting into the full throws of winter. The days are short. The air is cold and dry. It smacks in you in the face as you step outside."

Anyway, hope this photo could to a certain extent reverse one's psychology :)


On a serious note, in the changing of the seasons, there is God.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Rebooting faith


Negative chi is just plain negative. It saps our energy real bad. But it's unavoidable. When you are hit, you are hit. It's easy for anyone who is not experiencing it to say this and that. How sure are you that the person did not turn to God? You'll never know if the person stays up in the middle of the night to implore his/her Lord. 

There's a saying by Rumi, "If you are irritated by every rub, how will your mirror be polished?" A rub is a rub. It is irritating no doubt. A person's hal (state) is a person's hal. It's meant for that person to be polished and hopefully shine. People heal over time. And time is never our call. He is Time. When the time comes to subtract all distractions, all things negative would be nullified bi-iznillah. Then it's time to reboot the faith.

Habib Umar bin Hafiz's main message as quoted on Majelis Rasulullah FB is that we should reboot our faith. He said:

"Know that laa ilaha illallah is the most fitting (afdhal) statement uttered by the prophets before Rasulullah. Renew your iman (faith) by continually saying laa ilaha illallah. Say it with much attentiveness (khusyu'), humility (tawadu') and hope. This is the zikir of the salaf of the past. Teach this to your family, friends and everyone around us so that Allah would lift all calamities and hardships, and that Allah would uplift our stature thereby."

If I care to update my FB status it would be:
"Subtracting distractions, rebooting faith."

Laa ilaha illallah.

Habib Umar will be at Masjid Muadz bin Jabal in KL on 6th December 2013. InshaAllah.
Can't wait.

Credit: Majelis Rasulullah Saw Online.


Thursday, November 28, 2013

Congrats achievers


It's only wise that we take the time to praise where a praise is due.

Over the last four years, all kinds of readers/visitors have appeared through this space. Some have become friends, Alhamdulillah. Some are not so genuine. Allah knows best.

It's only fair that we commend the good ones. In particular, I wish to record my sincere congratulations to one "old" visitor on his recent accomplishment.

Some people say 50 is the new 30. But it may not be a good idea to act like we are in the 30s when we are in our 50s. This person is in his 30s and has achieved something significant for his age. Because he is humble and has an unassuming character, he wouldn't want me to broadcast the specifics. I won't.

Friends and good acquaintances are God's gifts. We all know the saying about the benefits of befriending a perfume seller as opposed to a blacksmith/ironsmith. But sometimes in life you just have to go through plenty before you could find the good ones.

Allah bless all the good people in our lives.


Congrats Mr Shah :) 
And thanks for appreciating this space though my language is nowhere near the Queen's English :)

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

The Planner - The Victorious


From the Quran, Al-Anfal-30: "They were planning, and Allah was planning, and Allah is the best planner."

Sometimes we mortals delusionally think we are so smart. We plan and plot thinking we have the upper hand on things, thinking other people are not as smart as we are.  

I for one will admit I am stupid. Of course on my own I am stupid, but with Allah I cannot be so stupid. We have Al-Wakeel to handle things for us because we are weaklings. We believe in Him, hasbunallah wa nikmal wakeel.

Alhamdulillah we are naive enough to not want to rely on our own limited intelligence because surely we have no sakti (magical powers).

Alhamdulillah we are innocent enough to not want to depend on our own capabilities because He holds us by the forelock. Hence, we know not when we gonna fall sick or when He is gonna make us weak.
C'est la vie.
Such is life.

A couple of lines from the Fajr prayers as practiced by the Prophet salallah alaihi wasalam:
"O Allah, I leave my wish to you, as I am weak in my say and weak in my actions..."
therefore he salallah alaihi wasalam also prayed:
wan nasro 'alal 'aqdaa'i
"and [grant me] victory over the enemies."

They might have been laughing at our stupidity for months, but surely the day will come when they will be defeated with Your help, O Allah Al-Wakeel.

Certainly we have no weapons except du'a because our simple minds don't know much except:
Ad du'a silahul mukmin

Bi iznillah
The Planner will make us victorious.
We gotta have faith :)

Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Habib Ali Zainal Abidin al-Hamid on Al-Bir


Habib Ali Zainal Abidin al-Hamid resumed his majlis ta'lim at Masjid Muadz bin Jabal last Friday after having returned from hajj. Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah. Though I was not able to be present, here's what I learned from watching a recording of his tausiyah as published at:

He expounded the meanings of a verse from Al-Imran as shown above. In relation to the ayat "You shall never attain Al-Bir..." he said there're four meanings to Al-Bir as defined by ahlul tafsir. Al-Bir may mean heaven, obedience, piety or virtues. These meanings are not contradictory. In fact, it is complementary. The goal is certainly to attain heaven but we won't get there unless we are obedient, pious and do good deeds. We won't attain Al-Bir until we give away that which we love. Allah is well aware of what we give away. He will match up to that which we give away and reward us appropriately. A quality deed will be compensated with a quality reward. He knows what kind of sacrifices we make.

People give away their property, food, clothes, etc. And the majority of us would give away clothes that are of poor quality, unwanted or unused - clothes that we ourselves wouldn't want to wear.  

Habib Ali mentioned several sahabah who upon hearing this ayah from the Prophet salallah alaihi wasalam hastened to give away from what they love. 

Saidina Talhah came to see the Prophet and said "I am the richest among the Ansar. Of all the things I own, I love my garden the most. I wish to give it away for a good cause and I leave it to you." The Prophet accepted and acknowledged the offering but he decided to give the garden to Talhah's family. Habib Ali said, it's better for the family to receive the donation so that they won't feel slighted if Talhah were to give it to others so that they too have a share of his properties.  

Saidina Zaid ibn Harithah had a horse named Sabal. It was his best and most loved one. He too offered Sabal for the deen but Prophet decided to let Usamah (Zaid's son) have the horse. Zaid didn't like the idea and asked the Prophet about his rationale. Rasulullah salallah alaihi wasalam said "your intention of wanting to give it away for charity has been counted/accepted by Allah. It does not matter to whom it goes." 

Another sahabi Abu Dhar owned a number of camels. Of all which he possessed, he loved the one and only male camel he had. When a guest came looking for a camel to slaughter, he asked that person to pick any one of the camels but the guest chose a thin one. Abu Dhar asked the guest about his choice and the man said: "I saw one which I would have loved to take but I knew you needed it." Abu Dhar insisted the man took the male camel saying: "I would need it more when I'm in the grave."

Habib Ali said, this was the akhlak of the sahabah who were quick to respond to the ayah. They were prompt in responding to anything good they heard from the Prophet. To them, there's no such thing as doing it afterwards, later or tomorrow. They did not procrastinate.

The Prophet once had two siwak with him when he was approached by a friend who requested for one. One of the siwak was straight and nice and the other one was a bit crooked. The Prophet gave away that which was straight to the person who asked from him.

In summary, there're two lessons from Surah Al Imran verse 92. We should train ourselves to give away from what we love and that we should not be stingy. Concluding his tafsir lesson, Habib Ali said, those who would end up being near the heavens, are those who give away easily for charity.

Allahu a'lam.
May Allah grant us tawfiq to practice what we've heard about attaining Al-Bir. May Allah forgive and cover our shortcomings. Ameen.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Time flies


Heh..heh..pronounce it correctly - time flies; fried rice and not 'flied lies'. Hope the tongue is not crooked so we are able to say things as they really are.

It's 25th of November. Feel like it was only a week ago since my rambling on 25th October. 25th December will be here, before we know it, InshaAllah.

Yes time flies. My niece is sitting for her final exams. Soon she will be leaving school for good and go to college. Please kindly pray for her so that she'll pass with flying colors not just for the sake of getting all As, or to grow up and be a high-flyer, but to gain beneficial knowledge so that she would be a useful person for her family, the religion and society. Bi-iznillah.

Miss H.E. this is a lil shout out to you. I pray you'll get to study abroad as you have been dreaming. Ich liebe dich :)

Time flies, indeed. I remember the day when I received an offer to study abroad on merits Alhamdulillah. We are encouraged to travel far to seek knowledge. Come to think of it we are far behind compared to the solehin of the past who not only traveled far to seek knowledge but they had also traveled far to spread knowledge - knowledge of the deen. If it was not for them, you and I might be stuck in darkness, our souls would be empty, we would be deprived of a true sense of purpose, no raison d'etre. We might end up being one of those who make mischief, who cause harm to other people and have no qualms whatsoever. Na'uzubillah min zalik.

Anyways, here's wishing you a pleasant and productive week ahead. Productive according to Merriam Webster means: doing or achieving a lot; working hard and getting good results :)

Rabbana atina fid dunya hasanah wa fil akhirati hasanah.

Sunday, November 24, 2013

Speak like you mean it | Happy Holidays


"Eat like you mean it" is the tagline of one international burger franchise. I thought it's funny that people need to be reminded to really mean what they do, including a no-brainer act like eating. But I suppose it's a good reminder especially for people who might have lost their taste for life or to an extreme, lost their soul, so that they need to be reminded of the meaning of things.

"Mean" is a heavyweight word. It's meant to carry or assign a weight to something. People sometimes ask: "Do you really mean it?" Oftentimes, people either say, "I really mean it" or "I am sorry, I didn't mean it." When people say so, they are actually trying to declare the real truth behind the words uttered or actions taken, which is really unnecessary if everyone means well in words and actions. "Mean" is consequently connected to one's intention or niyyah. I mean what I write, everytime, God willing.

Alhamdulillah Allah gives most of us the capacity to write and speak what we mean and have positive niyyah behind it. That's a great blessing if you care to think about it. That's a great blessing which you would recognize if you had met people who seem to be deprived of such capacity. Simple things like speaking truthfully and having your words as your bond, these are great bounties indeed. Things you would not want to trade off with anything, not some exotic holidays etcetera. 

I noticed an interesting phrase on a burger box of that international fast food franchise - "You're about to be very happy." LOL That's a cool assurance to give to someone. Imagine, if you were to receive an envelope or a gift box that says: "You're about to very happy" and the giver really mean it. How cool is that? By the way, I was really happy I had that delicious burger.

But to be happy, one need not depend on other people's assurance. Or should I say, should not. It's very easy to be happy of one's own accord. You can start enumerating the reasons you are happy.

I am happy to be speaking my mind this moment.
I am happy I am not stuck in a negative circumstances.
I am happy I have a clear conscience.
I am happy thinking about holiday plans. (InshaAllah)
I am happy it's year end.

I know it's not even December yet. But I wish you all happy times ahead. Holiday like you mean it :)


Saturday, November 23, 2013

Go on, press on!


I wanna laugh.
Yes, "words can't bring me down" sings Christina Aguilera.
This is posting number 170.
My first self-help book was 'The Magic of Thinking Big.'
Been thinking big 'bout targets.
Am pressing on for 200 posts. God willing.
Small or big is relative.
Just a sentence a day, that's all it takes.
He is watching.
Verily He knows everything.
About people who have been trying to break me.
Who fooled me.
Heh heh....thank you.
Nothing can bring me down without His permission.
Am pressing on, can't you see?

"What a beautiful Lord, you don't have to wait for the doors of the place of worship to open. You don't have to ring a bell to wake up the Lord. You just mention Him, He is there."

Oh yeah, Allahu mai'e
Allah is with me.
So, am telling ma-self, go on, press on!
So, don't you bring me down, today!

Quote credit: Sis N

Friday, November 22, 2013

Waking up in KL

KL - Friday, 22 Nov 2013
7.10 am


Good morning from Kuala Lumpur especially to my friends whom Allah have destined to wake up in another country, on another continent. I am specifically thinking of a friend in South Africa who is sweet and thoughtful. It puts a smile on my face to have received the first Jumaah Mubarrak greeting from as far away as Cape Town :)

It's Allah who makes our hearts warm towards one another. Thank you! And Alhamdulillah for all the beautiful people in our lives. And surely we seek refuge in Allah from people who not only have evil intentions towards us but are continually scheming to harm us for whatever reasons. Na'uzubillah min zalik.


We should be grateful that we can wake up in a city which is free of haze, unaffected by any kinds of natural disasters. Waking up to a decent breakfast. In my case it is toast, eggs and homemade spread prepared by my dearest mom, Alhamdulillah

Alhamdulillah we must mention His bounties. Alhamdulillah we are able to be thankful for His bounties, no matter how small. Well, small or big is subjective in relation to our nafs. Everything good is from Him.

Let's ponder on this verse from Surah An Najm 53:43:
"And that it is He who makes [one] laugh and cry." 

So come to think of it, it does not matter, either way, laugh or cry because it is all from Him. Let's consider the Giver, the Doer, surely He loves us anyway, surely He loves us regardless and He has chosen us to be ummah of His beloved Prophet salallahalaihi wasalam

Wish you a fruitful and blissful Friday :)

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Habib Umar bin Hafiz will be in Malaysia from 6 to 8 December 2013


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah. The bringer of hope, cure, and light, Habib Umar bin Hafidz is coming to Malaysia again! Ya Hu! 

Correct me if I am wrong, the last time he was here was April 2012, but tormented hearts and thirsty souls feel like it was too many moons ago.

You may have heard about his upcoming visit from someone somewhere. I was informed by one akhi who loves the habaib and majlis zikr, mashaAllah, a respectful messenger of good news he is.

Am delighted.

Habib Umar bin Hafiz will be at these venues InshaAllah:
6 Dec 2013: 
9pm @ Masjid Muadz bin Jabal, Setiawangsa, KL
7 Dec 2013: 
5.30pm @ National Hockey Stadium, Bukit Jalil, KL
8 Dec 2013: 
10.30am @ Masjid al-Irshad, Subang, KL
5.30pm @ Pahang State Mosque, Kuantan
10 Dec 2013:
8am @ Yayasan Restu, Shah Alam

Here's a story about the venerable Habib Umar which I have borrowed, adapted and translated from an Indonesian brother, Sya'roni as-Samfuriy, as related by Habib Ahmad bin Muhammad al-Kaf to brother Sya'roni who wrote the story in his blog in November 2012 (15 Muharram 1434 Hijri). That's almost exactly a year ago, subhanallah.
It was in mid-April 1994, it was winter in Tarim, Hadramaut. We [a group of Indonesian students] were not used to the cold weather. Habib Umar spoiled us by providing expensive thick duvet/quilt for each one of us.

As usual, after Asar prayers, we headed for Tarim for classes (raudhah) and mawlid in that city. When the majlis was over we came back to Aidid town where Habib Umar lives. We usually finished very late into the night. At that time the habib had only one car so everybody would try to get a seat in his Nissan Patrol. Twenty people would cramp onto the vehicle. But that night we were the unlucky three who didn't make it. We didn't have any other choice but to walk to Habib Umar's house which was 5km away.

When we finally arrived at his residence, we saw our friends being given the new thick duvet. Again we were unlucky. There was not enough duvet for everyone, for three of us. We didn't get any because according to Habib Umar the shop didn't have any more stocks, not until the next day.

Just before we retired to our room empty-handed, Habib Umar asked us to wait. We saw him entering his house which was adjacent to our accommodation. He then came back to hand us with 3 large quilts and 2 small ones which were all worn-out. We accepted it gladly nonetheless.

As we were getting ready for bed, we heard cries from Habib Umar's house. A baby whom we thought must be sick was crying non-stop. It was the Habib's child who didn't stop crying right until dawn. 

At Subuh we headed for prayers and nahu lesson at Masjid Aidid, which was located right in front of Habib Umar's house. Habib Umar himself gave us the nahu lesson. When the class was over we returned to our hostel. That's when we crossed paths with Habib Salim, Habib Umar's son who was then 6 years old. We took the opportunity to ask Habib Salim about the baby. He matter-of-factly informed us that the baby wasn't sick. "He must have been cold because we all slept without any blankets last night," said Habib Salim.

On hearing that, we rushed to our hostel with tears in our eyes. We quickly grabbed the worn-out quilts. We gave them back to Habib Umar. When we saw him, he was smiling unassumingly, he took them and let us have the brand new duvet which had just arrived from the store.

We returned to our hostel crying thinking how generous and kind-hearted Habib Umar was. In my heart, I whispered: "O Allah, in this time and age there exists a person with such a beautiful heart. Thank you, Allah, for letting me meet with such a person in this life of mine."

MashaAllah, tabarakallah. May Allah grant us the opportunity to sit in Habib Umar's majlis again, soon, InshaAllah. And may we benefit from his words of advice and wisdom.

I earnestly pray with the barakah of habaib whom we admire and love, Allah would protect me and my family from fitnah, musibah, and bala'. Ameen

Habib Umar's programs in Singapore:
12 Dec:
Maghrib & Ratib Al-Attas @ Masjid Ba'alawi
13 Dec:
Subuh @ Masjid al-Abdul Razak
Jum'ah Prayers @ Masjid Sultan
Maghrib @ Masjid Sultan  
14 Dec:
Subuh @ Masjid al-Abdul Razak

Wednesday, November 20, 2013

Shaykh Ibrahim bin Ismail al-Yaqoubi

Shaykh Ibrahim bin Ismail al-Yaqoubi
qaddasallahu sirruh

Don't know why....but tonight the mind, rather the heart is filled with thoughts of Shaykh Ibrahim bin Shaykh Ismail al-Yaqoubi.  

He and his father were pivot for seekers of truth in Damascus, Syria. So is his son, Shaykh Muhammad al-Yaqoubi. His lineage traced back to the founder of Fez, Mulay al-Idris [Subhanallah] right through Sayyidina Hassan the grandson of the Prophet salallah alaihiwasalam.

Born 92 years ago, in 1343 Hijri on the eve of Eidul Adha. [MashaAllah]. Shaykh Ibrahim al-Yaqoubi, according to the Damas Cultural Society page, had studied from so many gurus, so many, just reading their names alone can make you breathless. But imagine this shaykh memorized some 25000 lines of poetry! 

"The like of Shaykh Ibrahim al-Yaqoubi is someone who goes around the jewel traders of the country, and takes the most beautiful piece he has, until he has collected the most precious ones." - Shaykh Adib al-Kilas


Sufian at-Thawri said: "When righteous people are mentioned, mercy descends from the heaven onto the earth."

Pray by having mentioned Shaykh Ibrahim al-Yaqoubi  here on this space, pray Allah will protect us from harm and keep us in His divine shelter always. Pray Allah will grant us beneficial knowledge, show us the truth as truth and grant us the strength to follow it; and show us falsehood as falsehood and give us the strength to put it aside.

Al Fatihah

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

Official Launching of The Biography of Shaykh Ahmed Deedat - 1st & 3rd December 2013

Shaykh Ahmed Deedat
1918 - 2005

On behalf of the Islamic Propagation Society International (IPSI) of Penang, we are pleased to announce the official launching of the Biography of Shaykh Ahmed Deedat authored by Goolam Vahed.

Sunday - 1st December 2013
8 - 10 pm
KOMTAR, Auditorium A
Officiated by: Penang's Deputy Chief Minister

Tuesday - 3rd December 2013
8 - 10 pm
Dewan Muktamar, Pusat Islam
Officiated by: YADIM President

Shaykh Ahmed Deedat:
Recipient of the prestigious King Faisal International Prize in 1986.
We can imagine how bright his grave must be for having spent 50 years of his life on missionary work.
A maestro in inter-religious public debate.
The gem of South African gems.

 Al Fatihah.

Monday, November 18, 2013

Bismillah - Inching through life


Astaghfirullah. May Allah forgive me for anything and everything, up to this very minute.

Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah. This is my lame attempt to up the posting quantity in order to meet this year's blogging KPI. Inching my way just as we inch each second of our life, inching through this borrowed life through each breath, one at a time for we know not what's the total number of breaths Allah has allocated to each one of us. We are all mortals, we cannot be speaking arrogantly about life and death. Allah holds each one of us by the forelocks. "There is NO living creature which He does not hold by the forelock..." - Quran.

But I thought it's funny how some unfriendly readers of this blog also wished this weak blogger would meet her blogging KPI. They even regard this insignificant space as "world famous" LOL. Oh well, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder.


Physical/tangible targets aside, what's more important is the quality, the niyyah behind each intention and action, that's the essence of things.


Being grateful for this lovely day, recording my gratitude for having a roof above my head, food to eat, good health, caring and loving family members and close friends, Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah. Let's not forget to acknowledge each and every blessing.

Oh I am reminded of the wise sayings by the areefbillahs, that when you are afflicted by something negative that's a gift, that's Eid! That when people try to do you harm or backbite you, that's like free credits flowing into your akhirah bank account. Almost like passive income. Oh, suddenly I feel rich LOL.

I'd like to take this opportunity to thank the select few - my family and friends who have been praying for me - you know who you are! Very beautiful people you all are. May Allah in turn bless you and shower His abundant bounties on you and your family. Ameen.

I just hope I would be worthy enough to be your neighbor in akhirah. Imagine when we are finally there, we would be talking about the things we do here in this mad dunya and trying to do something good about it, trying to make some sense of it. Let's keep the end in mind. Let's hope for a good end. Let's pray for a good eternal outcome with the Prophet salallah alaihi wasalam and the solehin.

Inna lillah wa inna ilai hiraji'un.
La hawla wala quwwata illah billah aliyil azeem.
Wassalamualaikum warahmatullah.

Sunday, November 17, 2013

On repentance


Borrowed this poster from Sout Ilaahi Staff FB. They have plenty of reminder-posters which simply soothe the heart. Also learned that they have got sisters and brothers from Malaysia, Thailand, Indonesia, Philippines and Australia who have registered for the upcoming Sacred Path of Love event on 21st and 22nd December in Singapore. Alhamdulillah.

Those who wish to attend, may obtain more information at and email:
But if you are a Malaysian or purchasing tickets from within Malaysia in Malaysian Ringgit you may email to

Back to the poster. Yes repenting is a personal business obviously. Shaykh Abdul Aziz Fredericks who will be one of four key speakers at the Sacred Path of Love event said, we must truly have remorse when making tawbah. If we still downplay the issue and underestimate our transgressions thinking it's just a small thing, then we are missing the fundamental essence of tawbah.

Allahu a'lam.
May Allah forgive us and guide us on the Straight Path.

Saturday, November 16, 2013

A Muslim does not harm another - Shaykh Muhammad Mendes


"A Muslim does not harm another
and a believer does good to others."
- Shaykh Muhammad Mendes

Shaykh Muhammad Mendes will be one of four notable speakers at the Sacred Path of Love event scheduled on 21st and 22nd December 2013 in Singapore. InshaAllah.

Was browsing the event's organizer FB - Sout Ilaahi Staff - and found the exact words I needed to hear to affirm my faith and comfort the soul. And I listened to his talks, indeed he's one whose words seemed short and concise but fall meaningfully heavy on the heart. 

I will be honest and open with you as I have been which have brought me both good and bad implications. But I take comfort in the words of a respectful guest to my house recently. She is a lady of upright moral character and was blessed to be one of 700+ ladies who attended the intensive Ramadhan program held at Darul Mustafa in Tarim. She had learned and experienced plenty surely. When I asked her for just one lesson to share with this poor soul, she said, innamal a'malu bin niyyah - action is dependent on its intention. And that we should make sure our intention is pure for the sake of Allah so that everything will be taken care of and everything will come together as it should be.  

I don't intend to justify to people my intention of setting up this unqualified space because Allah knows better what's in the heart. While I try to do something positive here, I might have done something negative there. May Allah forgive me and cover my shortcomings though Allah is never forgetful. I humbly plead to you if indeed you have benefited even a little from this blog, please, please make du'a for me so that Allah protect me and my family from fitnah, musibah and bala'. My safety, privacy and dignity have been threatened. I feel unsafe. Please kindly offer your valuable du'a so that those who have ill intentions would cease from wanting to harm me any further. May Allah forgive us all and guide us on the straight path.

Jazakumullahu khairan kathira.
Wassalamualaikum warahmatullah.

Friday, November 15, 2013

Shaykh Ninowy on "Mention Me and I will mention you."


May Allah forgive me from everything bad I've committed in the moments, days and months that have just passed and protected me and you from fitnah and bala.

I am in need of good counsel more than anyone. May we all benefit from the words of the much-respected Shaykh Ninowy, one whom I'm yet to meet but upon whom I once conveyed my salam, just once, mashaAllah. I hope to be able to sit in his majlis in Singapore on 21st and 22nd December at an event organized by the Sout Ilaahi Group called 'Sacred Path of Love'. InshaAllah. 

Been listening to a video of his tausiyah at Masjid Quds in Cape Town during one Ramadhan. You can watch the video here but I decided to jot some points down so that it's easier and quicker to refer to. Below are my sketchy notes of his valuable speech.

He elucidated the meaning of remembrance of Allah from the ayah:
fazkuruni azkur kum
wash kuruli wala takfurun
"Mention Me, I will mention you
and be thankful to Me and do not deny My bounties." 

When you make a zikir, it means to bring back something to the memory or the mind after it's absent i.e. mentioning Allah after you are absent from His zikir, and bring it back to your mind. We fall short of understanding the human mind/intellect. Our society as a whole is driven by limited intellectual thinking. The track of the mind is limited by materialistic objective. Our mind is not a memory stick. Not just a center of emotions or love. Its capacities are unbelievable. We should explore the capacities of the mind. Our studies are about to restrict the human mind rather than to free the human mind. The Quran tells us to do exercise, to walk on earth that is to exercise, not just of the body but also the mind. It is not a one-track thing. However, fazkuruni -- this meaning i.e. bringing back to the mind after it's absent, is not applicable to Allah because Allah never forgets us. He is not subject to forgetting.

Al Islam wants to build a human being, a perfect human being which is the most difficult task in life. It's easy to build buildings and empires but it's hard to build a human. Anbiya (the prophets) came to build human beings. They came to perfect the human being from its building per se.

The mind that lacks a spiritual component does not lead to a compassionate human being. Compassion is the center of our religion. Bismillahirahmanirahim - Ar Rahman, Ar Rahim. Our Nabi is Raufun Rahim. The Quran is Rahim. But unfortunately, we see different groups in Islam not having compassion. We have a passion for no compassion. 

Look at yourself from a bigger perspective, from the sun, the moon, the galaxy. You are part of this big creation with all doing tasbih (glorification to Allah). All witnessing the glory of Allah and submit to His majesty. The anbiya came to revive that, by giving life to the heart and soul. By mentioning Allah, your heart will be tranquil. Revive the zikir of Allah.

Fazkuruni az kurkum according to Al Qurtubi means 'mention Me when you are at ease, I will mention you when you are in difficulty'. Use your health to remember Allah so that when you don't have the health you will be remembered. If you have money use it now, don't say tomorrow because you don't know what happens tomorrow.

There is a hadith about three people being stuck in a cave when a rock blocks its entrance due to heavy rain and thus death was imminent for them. Nabi salallah alaihi wasalam tells us to seek Allah's help by our good deeds. So one of them pleaded to Allah saying: "O Allah you know that I had hired a man but before I could give him the wage he left. I kept his wage for many years and invested until it yielded many cattle that could fill a valley. When I saw him, I told him about the result of his wage. The man said: 'Are you mocking me?' I said, 'it's yours'. If You knew that I did that only for You, then move this rock from the door of this cave." Nabi said, the rock actually moved.

And there was another man who came home late and his parents had slept before he was able to bring home some milk for them. He waited by the side of his old parents so that he could offer them milk the moment they wake up. The man pleaded to Allah: "If you know that I did that for You, then remove the stone from this door."

Fazkuruni may also mean "remember Me when you are on the face of this earth. I will remember you when you are under the face of this earth." Shaykh Ninowy said, you think you are powerful and mighty, you know this person, that person and you have many contacts, you have a big bank account, you know some politicians, policeman, etc. and you think you can imbibe strength from these things. But know that they are makhluk, they are weak. They are like you. They can't do anything. You delusionally think they have strength so you can take strength from them. You rely on that strength. But under the earth, you realize nothing can help you. No banker, no police, nobody is there to help you. You see them helpless. Then you realize. But you should realize when you are walking on that soil. Allah says, 'Remember Me when you are walking.' Don't see things, but you should see Allah's qudrah. When you enter the grave, people will leave you. Can you convince your friend to stay a couple of nights with you? What kind of friend is that? Your best friend is good deeds and your connection to Allah. 

The people who are busy in dunya with the zikir of Allah, they are automatically taken care by Allah under the soil. You will not see a zakir of Allah whose tongue or heart is filthy because zikir has a purifying effect.

Fazkuruni - Allah wants us to do zikir in actuality and in action, with deed and obedience. Some people do zikir with the tongue but they act like monsters. Remember Allah with what you say and do. He will remember you with His mercy. Remember Him with a true remembrance. A zakir is in total absorption of the mentioned; in He who he is mentioning until he is no longer there and becomes a remnant. He loses himself in the zikir of Allah. He is not in the absorption of his zikir of Allah. Rather in the absorption of his zikir of Allah of him. Are you worried about your zikir? Allah's zikir of you is better than your zikir of Him. Zikir of Allah is greater, not your zikir. You worship Him as if you see Him, not see everything else. If you no longer see yourself, you will see Him. Anyway, He sees you. Don't see yourself. You yourself becomes a veil of yourself. How can you see Him if all you see is yourself and your deeds?

A man comes to the Prophet salallah alaihi wasalam. "O Nabi, there's just so much thing to do. What is the one thing I should do?" The Prophet answered: "Your tongue must be always in zikir of Allah." Al Quran is zikir. Prayer is zikir.

'Be thankful to me and don't deny my bounties' - what does that mean? Allah does not need our thankfulness. Shukur is to spend from the nikmah Allah gives us. Shukur is not just to say Alhamdulillah with the tongue. We must shukur with the hand, feet, ears, eyes, and thought. Hands do shukur through deeds so that He doesn't find us where He doesn't want to find us. Don't use the hand for the things Allah does not ask us to so that shukur becomes a comprehensive thing. 

Allah gives good health, spend it for His sake. Put your hand on an orphan. Comfort a weak heart. Comfort a sad heart. Take care of widows and people in need. Otherwise, you only give a lip service alhamdulillah.   

Some people spend their wealth. Some people spend their time. Some people spend on what Allah gives them in their health. Some go higher than that. Some spend his soul on His path. Some give money fisabilillah. Some give their soul fisabilillah.

At the end of his tausiyah, Shaykh Ninowy made a du'a so that Allah makes him and the audience among the zakirin. And he emphasized the point that Allah mentions everything once i.e. solah, zakat, hajj, siyam but when it comes to zikir, He says kathiran meaning a lot. Therefore, mention Allah plenty.

Shaykh Ninowy will be one of four guest speakers at the Sacred Path of Love event taking place in Singapore on 21st and 22nd December 2013, InshaAllah.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

9 & 10 Muharram 1435 Hijri - Tashu'a & Ashura Day


Ashura Day (10th of Muharram) falls on Thursday 14 Nov 2013.  

This is a reminder to myself and others to fast either on 9 & 10 Muharram or 10 & 11 of Muharram - InshaAllah.

Hope no one is confused about the dates.

We all know from the hadith of the Prophet salalllah alaihi wasalam that by fasting on Ashura Day Allah will grant pardon for the sins committed in the previous year, the entire year.

What wrongs have I committed in the year that passed? Plenty!
May Allah forgive us and grant us hidayah and tawfiq to be an obedient servant.

In addition to fasting let's try to recite 1000x Al Ikhlas. Insha Allah.

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

To the left | People of the Right (POTR)


What's to the left? All things negative. Amidst life's daily drama, we often forget to consider the end of it all. Say we, but am talking 'bout me. What's the verdict after all of this worldly episode, regardless if we lament or not about His decree.

Restless and uncertain mind boggles at the final outcome. Which of three do we belong to finally, as encapsulated in Surah al-Waqiah?
1. The foremost?  
2. People of the Left? 
3. People of the Right? 

The foremost is what it is, the foremost. Was sabiqun nas sabiqun. "And the foremost are the foremost." As stated in the surah, it comprises of people of nearness. Many of whom are from the first generations and only a few from the later ones. Oh we are so far behind time. We are no way near them, let alone near Allah. I can't speak for you, but I am far.

These foremost people, as we learned from the verse, would be reclining on golden thrones. Waiting on them are young boys, wildan, serving permissible wine, fruits and poultry of their liking. And of course wide eyed gorgeous houris. They talk no nonsense. Only greetings of peace. Oh how esteemed the foremost.

On the other extreme, people of the left would be drinking boiling water and eating from the tree of zaqqum. Don't know what that is, but the verse says hazaa nuzuluhum yau maddin - nasty entertainment awaits on the Day of Requital. Black smoke choking them. A stark contrast to the luxurious life they used to live while doubting the realities of resurrection. 

People of the right - the passport to earn, if I should be so lucky. The verse describes their conditions in the cozy shade of some lush fragrant trees; drinks and fruits throughout the year, no need to wait for its season. And comfy mattresses alongside lovely virgins, amorous towards their man, not too old or too young a man but one that matches in age. How lucky are the people of the right - Wa ashabul yamin. Ma ashabul yamin. Quite a bunch from the first generations AND the later ones.

Dare we dream to be counted as the lucky "later ones" among the people of the right?

It is an individual battle. As said the venerable Shaykh Yusuf to me, "I don't judge others. I judge myself." Yes, I too judge myself and weigh the plus and minus points collected in both public and private. What others do in public is up to them. What others do in private is none of my business because I have got just too many things to worry about. I don't know about you.
I heard he, Shaykh Yusuf Bakhour Hassani is in town. Ahlan wa sahlan Sayyidi. Clearly he is people of the foremost who calls and inspires people to do right. May Allah grant him a long life and make us benefit from his words.   

To people/things who/which are negative, we pray Allah gives us the strength to say: to the left, to the left. And pray Allah gives us the strength to keep right.

Tuesday, November 12, 2013

Sacred Path of Love @ Singapore - 21 & 22 Dec 2013


O people, make a date.
Mark your calendar on 21 & 22 Dec 2013.
Head for Singapore.
Bask in the nur of four notable gurus:
Shaykh Muhammad An-Ninowy
Shaykh Abdul Aziz Ahmed
Hajjah Ashaki Taha-Cisse
Shaykh Muhd Adeyinka Mendes

21 Dec @ Masjid Sultan Auditorium
9am - 5pm
A retreat with the aforementioned personalities.

22 Dec @ Madrasah Al Junied Auditorium
(Walking distance from Masjid Sultan)
9am - 1pm
"Sacred Love, Sacred Rights: 
The Secret to True Happiness"
by Shaykh Muhd Mendes & Hajjah Ashaki

2pm - 6pm
"7 Deadly Sins: 
Breaking the Desires to Attain True Happiness"
by Shaykh Ninowy & Shaykh Abdul Aziz

Special entrance fee for Malaysians
or anyone buying tickets from within Malaysia:
(For both days. Payment to be made to a Malaysian Maybank Account)

Inquire/purchase ticket via email:
Registration deadline: 30 Nov
Organizer: Sout Ilaahi Group

  • Consider budget accommodation at Lavender Hostel SGD 30 per person per day.
  • Bus ticket info (Average bus fare KL-SG is RM45 one way).
  • When you are there look out for group tour to Maqam Habib Noh.
  • Purchase of 5 tickets and more will be given 10% discount.
  • Other accommodation near event venue:

See you there!

Monday, November 11, 2013

If I ain't got You


"Some people live for the fortune
Some people live just for the fame
Some people live for the power
Some people live just to play the game

Some people think
That the physical things
Define what's within
And I've been there before
That life's a bore
So full of the superficial

Some people want it all
But I don't want nothing at all
If it ain't YOU
If I ain't got YOU

Some people want diamond rings
Some just want everything
But everything means nothing
If I ain't got YOU

Some people search for a fountain
Promises forever young
Some people need three dozen roses
And that's the only way to prove you love them

Hand me the world on a silver platter
And what good would it be...."

Hmmm....that's a beautiful song by Alicia Keys. It's so true in relation to the Lord, if taken in the right context.

Sometimes we need to stop not to smell the roses but to ask what do we live for? Who do we live for? I'd be lying if I didn't confess that I live for my mother. If she's not here today, I will have to seriously ask the question what do I want to live for? I am sure you too have that someone around whom your life revolves. The best part about having a mother is that people can hit you a thousand times, but it matters not because that one healing potion is there. That healing touch is always there to comfort you. You bank on her prayers. Her prayers can take you very far. Very far.

We can never thank Allah enough for our mother, can we?

Nothing in this whole wide world mean a thing. If I ain't got her.

Sunday, November 10, 2013

Go churning | Productive aging


You may recall a couple of postings ago about an accomplished person Professor Ahmad Ibrahim who had spent 53 years of his life in a very excellent manner. He worked past his retirement age, well into 83. Let's do a little math. 83 minus 60 (the new retirement age in Malaysia) that's 23 years. A very industrious figure he was, compared to most ordinary people who struggle to make it to 55 and then 60. Most people would be thinking and asking themselves, oh can I last, as in can I remain worthy for my organization for another 10 years, 17 years in my case. How do I remain relevant?

Life is not always easy. Working life is not always easy either. We need to get churning every now and then when the energy becomes stale. Churning means to shake or agitate vigorously. It's usually referred to churning or stirring milk/cream to make butter. Not easy eh to make butter. It takes tonnes of energy and we take it for granted, we want our butter to be spreadable, to be just nice as a spread for our bread.

How do we age and remain productive through the years? I guess people like Ahmad Ibrahim, they have a field in which they focus and master and they devote their life and energy on it. Of course, as a pious personality he knew better about treating one's profession as ibadah.

I am also reminded of Shaykh Fahmi Zamzam who must be in his 60s or 70s who seem to be tireless. But not just tireless, people like him are full of zest for life and knowledge. Not just to acquire knowledge but also to spread whatever they know, wherever, whenever. In his recent class at Ba'alawi Kuala Lumpur, he talked about the adab of some senior (veteran) learned men when giving tausiyah. Even though they give countless of tausiyah, they don't take it for granted, they don't think "oh this is easy, I have talked about this topic before." The moment the person has such a thought, he said, the speaker/guru tend to stumble on words. The adab is to always rely on God and submit to Him.

I think that's a simple but important lesson. We should not worry about 10 years or 17 years of work to do. Else we feel overwhelmed. We should take a task at a time. Even in a simple task, in each and every task, we must submit to God and rely on His knowledge and strengths. La hawla wala quwwata illah billah. This will carry us through our age and lifetime which we know not of the end limit. Maybe until 53, 63, 73, 83? 

Oh I am yet to memorize this du'a:
Allah hummaj 'al au sa'a rizqika 'alaiya 'inda kibari sinni wan qitho'i 'umuri
O Allah, expand for me Your provision until my old age.

Du'a Credit: Islam - The Truth

Saturday, November 9, 2013

Air Supply | A supply of ideas


"I'm lying alone with my head on the phone
Thinking of you till it hurts
I know you hurt too but what else can we do
Tormented and torn apart..."

That's Air Supply for you. It's called "All out of love."

Heh heh...just teasing.
The truth is I'm lying alone with some ice packs on my forehead LOL. And thinking of what to ramble to meet my 200-postings annual target. Didn't realize having a target can really make your brain work harder in search of a good supply of ideas. Doesn't matter if it's a good or bad idea. When brainstorming we cannot kill an idea, we cannot sift, we just have to let it all out. Yes, just have to crack our head and just do it, as Nike said. 

"I know you hurt too but what else can we do"
Yes, what else can we do, other than submit to the Divine Will. It's ok to be hurt sometimes cos it makes us stronger and humble at the same time. We all need a divine wake-up call sometimes or else we would just go on thinking we are untouchable by calamities, and we gloat over our so called good fortune and happy-go-lucky lifestyle. So being tormented and torn apart sometimes can be good. It's food for the soul.  

Pray Allah increase us in beneficial knowledge and understanding. Pray Allah grant us a good supply of positive ideas. And help us make them happen.


Thursday, November 7, 2013

Deeds are dear


Of course no one should believe me if I said it's tough working on top of tall buildings.  My words would sound cheap because it's only based on 'ilm yaqin  and not haqqul yaqin. I may know from reading or observation but I have not experienced it.  But if these guys in this photo below were to make the same statement, people would believe them, because they would be speaking from experience and with conviction. Notwithstanding that that is a cardinal rule, there are people who are capable of pretending/acting. Some people are just gifted liars.

Twenty odd laborers working on level 33.
Click on photo to enlarge so you could see them.
From this book by Jeffrey J. Fox, on page 55, I learned a snazzy acronym "WACADAD" meaning "words are cheap and deeds are dear". How apt. How true.

'How to become CEO' by J.J. Fox

This new year -1435 hijri, may Allah make our tongues straight, may we be a straight talker, may our words be substantiated with deeds, simply because deeds are dear. Walk the talk, they say.

Ahh, I have got 41 more postings to go. Bi-iznillah.  And just hope some conman does not woo me and promise the sun and the moon and then I write a dozen of mushy mushy postings, declare to the world I am taken bla bla bla and then that "half-a-man" disappear and this poor blogger realizes she has been fooled and she has to pull down some of her postings and that would affect her 200-postings yearly target LOL.

You know you are matured when you can talk about and laugh at your own stupidity. LOL.

Wish you all a productive week. If you think your job is tough, think about the risks and the discomforts those laborers have to face to make a living. And be grateful.

Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Blessed new year 1435 Hijri


O Allah, we have erred over and over again. May You forgive us. We are sure to fall again in this new year unless You protect us and help lift us up and turn us to You. Do not give up on us. Do not let Your wrath overcome Your mercy upon us. 

O Allah, help us through each day of this new year. Let each day be a day of renewed iman, refreshed hope and increased certitude in You as the best Planner, the best Disposer of affairs, the best Provider and the best Protector. 

O Allah, may each day be a day which we see and recognize Your Face; a day in which we do not ascribe partners to You; a day in which we are patient with Your tests and grateful for Your gifts; a day in which we become closer to You and know You better; a day in which You accept our good deeds and overlook our shortcomings; a day on which if we were to die, we would die with Your mercy and that You would welcome us with forgiveness in Your reckoning. What good is a day, if it does not lead us to such a good ending. What good is a day? What good is a year if it's just another fleeting year in which we become more distant from You, just as we have become distant from the 5, 10, 20, 30, 40, 50 years that have gone by?  

O Allah, we can only seek refuge in You from You. There is no God but You.

Sunday, November 3, 2013

The missing red dot/headgear | Happy Diwali


Astaghfirullah. I stupidly blundered at a local market today (Saturday). Was with mom buying veges. We bought a few items from several lady vege-vendors. What's with the males? When did it become a female-only profession?

Anyway, we stopped by one Indian looking lady vendor. I was impressed that she demonstrated good adab during her transaction with my mother. She said the aqad i.e. she said "I sell". Only Muslim vendors would do that. She spoke with a heavy Indian accent. Then I remembered today is Deepavali, a day of celebration for our Hindu friends. So I asked, "are you not celebrating Deepavali?" She replied smiling: "I celebrate Raya (Eid)!"

Ahh...then I noticed she didn't have a red dot on her forehead i.e the bindi/pottu. Married Indian women would usually have it. My jaw dropped. "MashaAllah, you are Muslim", I said blushing. My mother quickly apologized on my behalf. Urghhh...such an awkward situation. Two wrongs there. One for assuming she's a Hindu and two why on earth was I looking for a red dot, assuming she's married? It might be black, if she's a widow. Or she could be single and not have a bindi.

Anyhow, I wish our Indian/Hindu friends Happy Diwali. May your family be showered with lights of joy :)
Please stick to your traditions, use the bindi etc. so that we know.

Let's pray Allah will grant hidayah and tawfik to that Indian-Muslim lady vege-vendor. May she'll be inspired to put on a suitable headgear. May Allah make us all a better Muslim zahir and batin. May Allah forgive my big mouth. 

Happy Diwali

Saturday, November 2, 2013

My beloved GW


No, GW is not my latest boyfriend LOL. It's not Mr. Ghulam Wahid LOL. Not Mr. George Washington [though I wish I had a Caucasian beau LOL.]

It stands for Good Works. Am just trying to be majnun about GW, attempting to occupy the heart, mind and limbs with good works. Why? 

"One day Shaqiq al-Balkhi asked Hatim al-Assam: 'You have kept my company for 30 years; what have you gained in the course of these years?' Hatim replied: 'I have gained 8 benefits from the knowledge which is sufficient for me. I hope my salvation and safety are embodied in them.' Shaqiq asked Hatim to mention them. Hatim al-Assam said:

[We're quoting only 1 out of the 8. Credit:]

'The first benefit is that I observed the creation and saw that everyone had loved one, and one passionately desired whom he loved and longed for. Some of the beloved accompany the lover up to the brink of sickness and death and others to the gate of graveyard. All of them return and leave him there alone. No one goes into the tomb with him. I looked into the matter and said to myself: 'The best beloved is that which would enter the tomb with the lover to console him.' I found it to be nothing else than good works, so I took this as my beloved, to illuminate my grave for me and to comfort me in it and not leave me alone."

So even if you are married, marry another one. Let's get married to Mr. or Ms. GW. Let's be madly in love with Mr./Ms. GW. Let's be very attached to GW. Be head over heels for GW. Let's be majnun about GW.

If you are a male think of it as a Gorgeous Woman.
If you are a female think of it as a Good-looking Wooer.

Heh heh...have a pleasant weekend y'all.  

For the benefit of my young niece H.E who reads this blog quite often. 
Wooer is a noun. Woo is a verb meaning to try to make someone love you/have a romantic relationship with you.