Friday, September 23, 2022

Divine aspirations


Today, I am missing an old friend a little extra, somehow.
I think I am "not that bad" as a friend because I make it a point to mention his name at the weekly Majlis Tahlil I have been fortunate to attend; his name plus a long list of other close friends who have passed on.

I thought you readers might appreciate his spark of brilliance. I was lucky to be his sparring partner on spirituality matters.

Below is one exchange we had that is still fresh and thought provoking.

"At makrifah, the end result has always been to return to Allah and nothing else, for Allah has created the JIns and man to be subservient to Him. But in creating man and inserting roh into Adam the physical, the "ego" [essence] of Allah is inserted into man inadvertently. All other religions do not have the concept of Allah the Ahad (Buddhism, no god: Hinduism multiple gods, Christianity paganistic misguidedness of man the god reincarnate) so in mysticism, those who study them in this region are also misguided into believing he can assimilate with Allah now in the moment. Thus many embraced syirikism almost unknowingly (Tuhan Harun, which we all know too well from the press). Thus syirik khafi is all too prevalent in this region as well as mainstream Islam. Syirik Khafi defined as the black ant on a black stone in the darkest moonless night. One has only to indulge into the yoga (the joining of man and god) aphorisms of Patanjali to fully comprehend and intimately be knowledgeable in such matters.

Knowledge and imagination as expounded and taught to Adam through his mental faculties are all divine aspirations. This is still true to this day and to eternity for in an instant all can be removed with God’s discretion and prerogative. Also at death all knowledge and experiences are removed because the body has ceased to function and the brain stops functioning. Teaching the roh after death is almost impossible and is a long and arduous task. Since time is also the function of the brain, time becomes superlative."


Hah! There!

May Allah increase us in knowledge and guide us to His Nur.

- E - 

The year that was.
We'll never know in which year 
we shall be taken back to the Creator.
Al Fatihah.