Monday, July 6, 2009

Wali Ismail's Istighfar


O my dear son, I am very pleased to share with you this istighfar attributed to the famous saint Wali Ismail from Kelantan (east coast) Malaysia.

I learned it from Baba Aziz, a prominent mu'aleem from Pattani. Baba was instrumental in my re-embracing Islam seven years ago. Yesterday and today, he granted me a private session which was really sweet and meaningful. At the outset of our meeting Baba asked what my 'illness' was when I saw him before, so I answered him matter-of-factly, 'jahil'. Indeed I was profoundly ignorant of Islam then. I remember it was 21st June 2002, a Saturday. The day after seeing Baba, I put on my head scarf, went to the city to buy al-Hikam and stopped by at my sister's place to borrow a dozen scarves from her. And most importantly, from that day onwards I began to pray regularly and put in constant effort in knowing my Creator! I must say that with his barakah and grace from Allah s.w.t, I have progressed well and Baba seemed to be pleasantly surprised of my present state. Alhamdulillah. Allah guides whom He wills.

Now coming back to the istighfar. It is meant for one to cleanse one's heart of syirik - the subtle sins committed by the heart. It was said that Wali Ismail would recite the istighfar constantly. It is about asking forgiveness from Allah for having in one's heart, other than Allah, when everything else is saying Allah!

Astaghfirullah hamimma siwallah
wa kullu syai in
ya qul Allah.

With the blessings of my dear Baba Aziz and Wali Ismail, may we be steadfast and istiqamah in reciting this istighfar, bi-iznillah.

Photo of saints from Kelantan. Credit:


  1. Sister,i only found ONE website which had that ratib!! Out of the billion,just one!!

  2. MashAllah! You found what you were looking for?!
    Al-Hamdu lillah!
    Wassalamualaykum warahmatullah.