Thursday, October 22, 2009

Kneeling at the feet of Shaykh Ismail


Oh what a blessed name
the father I so love
the prophet we all admire
THE saint of 'Big Island' and beyond
whose barakah cure hearts in mire

Ismail bin Abdul Qadir lived from 1463 - 1520 CE
Sultan al-Ariffin Shaykh - honors of a Sufi
Murshid to Wali Songo and many more
A saint who could walk on water
In the footsteps of Prophet Muhammad his ancestor
Laurels as great as al-Jilani's his great grandfather

In the leagues of tariqah he's master
Shattariah, Chistiah, Qadiriah and Naqshbandi
Made hijrah from Baghdad to Malacca
Accompanied by Shaykh Yusuf Siddiq his teacher
In his 30s he marked 1495 a crucial year
Leader and healer for many a seeker

Thank you
O Sultan al-Ariffin Shaykh Ismail
for the invitation

I will not say more than that
let my whispers to you
remain a secret
I cherish deep in my heart

To that one fish swimming and jumping
escorting the boat ride
Thanks for the kind gesture
I sure felt welcomed
to kneel at the feet of our forefather
- Ezza Ismail

Commemorating the ziyarah to Shaykh Ismail's Maqam in Pulau Besar ('Big Island'), Malacca, Malaysia led by Shaykh Hisham Kabbani on 20 October 2009. Also present was Hajjah Naziha (Sh. Hisham's wife/daughter of Shaykh Nazim Haqqani - pic below, in pink scarf).

All historical facts are based on a book published by Malacca Museum. Credit: Ahmad Azam Madinah al-Nur blog

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