Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Loving the old


O son, I have no special quotes for you today.

Today I just want to show you how much love and joy the elderlies have to share with us. Tok Teh is a close buddy of my mother. Everytime we visit her, she would either be praying or making zikr or sharing laughter with the neighbors as she eagerly waits for her Shabi Arus (Wedding Night). She is worried that we might not be around on her big day though. 

Tok Teh exudes so much love that everytime after meeting her I feel like I am reborn into a bright new world filled with rainbows. 

May Allah grant her the best of husnul khatimah and prepares for her the most beautiful abode where she would frolic happily in green silk gown, and her neck adorned with pearls and rubies. Oh how stunning she would be, just like her younger days when she was one of the most gorgeous girls in our village. Then again, she is eternally elegant to all who love her.

Perchance, the du'a below is one of her beauty secrets.

Allah hummaj 'al au sa'a rizqika
'alaiya 'inda kibari sinni wan qitho'i 'umuri
O Allah! Expand for me Your provision
till my old age
and till the end of my life.

Du'a credit: Islam - The Truth and Sis Nisa.

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  1. Syukran for the du'a...a priceless reminder as to Whom we should really rely on.