Saturday, April 3, 2010

Get rid of your self-esteem


Not until a man has swept the dust from the doorway of some pagan, considering himself to be absolutely devoid of attribution, such that no trace of self-esteem can be found in him, the time for you to kiss him has not arrived.

If even a trace of self-esteem takes hold of the sleeve of your heart, it means you are still just beginning!

It is the consensus of the people of the Way (the Sufis) that everyone who sees more in himself than was in Pharaoh is foolish.

Hence, they have said:
"It is easy to belittle oneself
in the eyes of other people!
The real man is he
who can appear small
in his own self-esteem!"

If you have not been rejected at every door, if you have not become like counterfeit coinage in every hand, if you have not become valueless on every scale, do not think that your service has been tried and found sound!"

- Sharafuddin Maneri in 'The Hundred Letters', 148
Quoted from The Wisdom of Sufism.

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