Thursday, April 29, 2010

Learn your lessons


O son, please take heed.
1. One of our respected Shaykhs said "Half of those who have husnul zan (positive thoughts) towards Allah is a wali (friends of Allah)." So we know husnul zan may not be an easy or common attribute to have and not many people are blessed with such a character even though it is easy on the tongue or for the mind/ego to assume that it has already have the trait.

2. Do not believe anyone who claims that he/she has no ego.

3. Do not believe anyone who are quick to tell you about his/her good deeds for wanting to prove that he/she is a good/pious person.

4. Do not believe anyone who claims that he/she is a spiritually drowned person yet his/her behaviors are the opposite.

5. Do not believe anyone who claims to love and follow the Prophet yet he/she does not even care about the easiest sunnah. And worse still, he/she dares think about gross ideas forbidden by sharia.

6. Do not believe anyone who claims to be spiritual yet drags you away from it.

7. Do not believe anyone who does not respect your guru and all the shuyukhs.

8. Do not believe anyone who does not believe in consulting the pious and the learned.

9.  Do not believe anyone who gets close to you for his/her own pleasures.

10. Do not believe anyone who encourages you to do bad and then justifies it according to his/her own ignorance and blatant disregard of what is permissible or not permissible by God.

O son, know that it is jihad to escape from such people because we are commanded to choose our companions carefully. If you could do that, know that you will have obtained hurruriyah (freedom). Keep having husnul zan towards Allah so you be counted as His friends bi-iznillah. Last but not least, believe that He is your witness, He is watching you and He is with you.
Allahu shahidi
Allahu naziri
Allahu ma'ie
By the blessings of Imam Sahl at-Tustari may we live to believe this wholeheartedly. Ameen.

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