Tuesday, April 27, 2010

On not being steadfast (istiqamah)


My apologies to all (especially Miss. AH) for not being steadfast in posting 6 Names (Asmaul Husna) a day. One of my guides has instructed us to memorize 6 Names a day. So I started but stopped after the 6th day. BUT I have been travelling, sick and pre-occupied with my day-job...(dare I give excuses!) Woe unto me!

The Prophet s.a.w said:
"Be steadfast although you will never be able to be so completely."
Our beloved messenger has also said that a verse in Surah Hud has made his hair turn white! He was referring to a command by Allah to be steadfast: "So be steadfast (istiqamah) as you have been commanded."

Ya Kabir
Ya Hafiz
Ya Muqit
Ya Hasib
Ya Jalil
Ya Karim


  1. Aah, I was thinking where had the names gone! It was nice knowing that someone else was learning them too, thats all. Dont worry, things happen, but its important to not give up and keep going, breaking through them barriers. You know I have been trying to learn the names for the last 6 months..I saw a book in the library of the 99 names, I picked it up, thinking I will learn them. I learnt a few and then other things would get in the way so I would forget and not be able to complete them. It made me feel really sad. And then I read this "You know paradise yet you do not strive for it". It scared me and made me realise that I didnt put in enough effort, not really otherwise I would have learnt the names by now. If this was an exam I would I have made sure I put in the time.

    So I tried to build up my resolve, planning on learning 3 names a day, but allahamdulliah when I saw your post it spurred me on to learn 6 a day! If I find I have not revised all 6 properly I rebuke myself and think how lucky I am to be able to do this, without Allah's help noone of this would have been possible. "The most beautiful names belong to Allah: so call on Him by them". If this is not even motivation then I dont know what is, I am so grateful to Allah (swt) that I know him. This is a good read: http://muslim-canada.org/thankfulness.htm.

    p,.s. Just to let you know I am on number 76 ~ Ya Batin. Inshallah I hope to finish by Fri! I am abit worried though, the names have kept me going, and given me a focus from my troubles... Now I worry without them what will I do? dont know if you can suggest some more things to learn.

    Take Care for now

    Miss AH :)

  2. MashaAllah,sister, you have no idea how much you have soothed my heart. Alhamdulillah, to have a spiritual companion like you, albeit at a distant. Allah is al'Adil, He had taken away a bad 'friend' from me and replaced one as spiritually conscious as you are to remind and motivate me and others on the importance of improving ourselves with beneficial knowledge. NOT 'friends' who keep a friendship for the sake of gratifying their lower nafs. Allahu Akbar! How many times has He saved me!
    May Allah continue to guide us and enjoin us with the righteous.

  3. Salam Sister Ezza

    I am glad, for your words enlighten and uplift me much! I know I have mentioned this before but I dont mind stressing it again. Not to worry, Allah swt brings people into our lives for a reason, but remember that it is our choice to keep or let them go. And life brings the good and the bad, otherwise how else would we be able to distingush between the two? If anything it makes your appreciate the good ones in your life and exert more effort to keep them. And any bad comes our way helps us to return to Allah swt. So in essence it was for our good anyway:

    “How amazing is the case of the believer; there is good for him in everything, and this is only so for the believer. If he experiences something pleasant, he is thankful, and that is good for him; and if he comes across adversity, he is patient, and that is good for him.”

    Btw I am very close now to finishing the 99 names! I am on 90 now, quite excited about it, not told anyone else as I read something which said keep your good deeds hidden fearfully as you would your bad ones, I guess it keeps us humble. But I had to share this with you - as you were my spark, allhamdulliah! I wish your were nearer in distance. Alas a shame, I had one question to ask you, at present I do not wear the hijab:( I know this is wrong, and it is against what the prophet pbuh mentioned. I keep thinking about it, I know I should wear it but I am keep swaying back and forth. I even have bought scarfs with the intention of wearing them. But I just cant do it. I seem to remember a post you wrote about when you first wore the hijab.I was wondering if you could offer some words of advice? Also I am worried if I wear it I will be tempted to take it off :( this scares me even more.

    Miss AH