Monday, April 5, 2010

When to be modest


The Prophet s.a.w is reported to have said:
"The sense of shame springs forth from faith."

O servants of Allah, how impudent and how impertinently daring you are toward your Lord ('Azza wa Jall)!
Modesty toward creatures with impudence toward the True One is foolishness and madness. The reality of modesty is feeling a sense of shame with respect to your Lord in both your private and public lives so that modesty towards creatures comes to be a result not a cause. The believer feels a sense of shame with respect to the Creator, while the hypocrite feels a sense of shame with respect to creatures."
- Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani

Allahu Akbar! This reminder is meant  for me more than anyone else. But my dear son, your shyness must be appropriately placed. NEVER EVER feel shy to meet a guru or any pious men for fear of the sins that you have committed. Bow to them with much humility. Go sit at their feet. Ask for their counsel and du'a. That would be much better for you than hiding in your house in the hope of not exposing your weaknesses. The awliya are not only learned but they are full of adab (manners) so they will not talk about your wrong-doings though they may see it on your face. And once you truthfully repent, have faith that He is most-forgiving, because He is. Should you fall again, just get up, repent and follow the bad deeds with good deeds like rain washing away dirt. Bi-iznillah. And keep the company of the 'aleem as much as possible. You must make an effort to see them at least once a month or better still once a week InshaAllah. Ghawth al-Azam also said:
"If someone wishes for success, he must become a piece of ground under the feet of the Shaykhs."
"O hermits and recluses! The business does not come about through sitting in retreats accompanied with ignorance. Woe unto you! Walk in search of knowledge and knowledgeable persons until no further walking can be done." 

O son, I remember reading about a saint who said that he preferred to meet sinners because they came to him with much fear, hope and humility as compared to meeting the pious, who tend to be arrogant about his religious practises and good deeds.

And Ghawth al-Azam said:
"O young man, when you come into my presence wrap up your admiration for your deeds and your self-consciousness. Come in with nothing, as someone who is bankrupt."
So, go ahead, walk to the awliya like a bankrupt!
Translator credit: Prof al-Dargazelli & Dr Fatoohi

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