Thursday, April 1, 2010

Who do we rely on?


Two days ago, we learned this du'a which I had discovered on the net while searching for something relevant to share with you:
"O Allah! Expand for me Your provision
till my old age
and till the end of my life."

It may be a short and simple du'a but a blog reader commented saying that it is "a priceless reminder as to Whom we should really rely on." I think she/he has made a significant point on who we should truly rely on although many of us will be quick to say 'Oh...I rely upon Allah certainly!' Yes, but do we really?

I recall a lecture by Shaykh Muhammad bin Yahya al-Ninowy who expounded on this issue of reliance. Also another guide of mine who said: 'Did you realize that you have fallen into shirk khafi? Did you realize that you rely upon your companies (employer) and subsequently the ATM machine for your provision? Your heart is so much dependent on these that you forgot about the real Provider."

Shaykh al-Ninowy said the same thing. He said many of us have come to rely on the asbab such as our jobs, our businesses and people who are in the position to give us money etc. Women have the tendency to rely on their husbands and many do not realize that in the process they actually worship their men and commit shirk khafi. So much so that many become servants to people and things who themselves are provided by the One Provider. Shirk khafi is indeed very subtle, therefore we must not forget to pray: A'uzubika min shirikil khafi. I seek refuge in Allah from the most subtle idolatory. Then, when we are older and leave our careers, we tend to rely on our children, nieces or nephews because we have invested in them. Hence we shift from one idol to another.

O son, the du'a we had learned earlier must be recited and undertsood - that we rely on none but Him for provision until our old age and until the end of our life.
Allah hummaj'al au sa'a rizqika
'alaiya inda kibari sinni wan qitho'i 'umuri
"O Allah! Expand for me Your provision
till my old age
and till the end of my life."

And Shaykh Abdul Qadir al-Jilani has this to say:
"O you who are dead at heart, why do you sit here in my presence? O servants of this world and sultans, O servants of the wealthy, O servants of the rise and fall of market prices! If the price of a grain of wheat becomes as high as one gold coin, I would not care. The believer has no concern about his sustenance because of the strength of his certitude and his trust in His Lord. Do not count yourself among the believers. Put yourself in a different class. Glory be to Him who has put me among you."

From: Jila' al-Khatir
Translator credit: Prof al-Dargazelli & Dr. Fatoohi 
Pic credit: taken at a mosque in Kashgar.

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