Thursday, June 17, 2010

Beautiful Du'a


I wish to thank one brother who had reminded me of Dua-e JameelahMashaAllah! My first 'encounter' with this special du'a was at a pharmacy near Masjidil Haram across the King Abdul Aziz gate. It was in 1997, my first umrah.  I picked up a complimentary copy of the du'a from the pharmacy and carried it everywhere for many years. Alhamdulillah. It's time to revisit it InshaAllah. But brother, I am not in a position to expound on its meaning. It's a beautiful du'a, suffice that we know what His Names mean. Beautiful Names!

Ya Jameelu Ya Allahu  - Oh Beautiful! Oh Allah
Ya Qareebu Ya Allahu - Oh Near! Oh Allah
Ya Ajeebu Ya Allahu - Oh Wonderful! Oh Allah
Ya Mujeebu Ya Allahu - Oh Acceptor! Oh Allah
Ya Rau'fu Ya Allahu - Oh Benevolent! Oh Allah
Ya Maroofu Ya Allahu - Oh Virtuous! Oh Allah
Ya Mannanu Ya Allahu - Oh Obliging! Oh Allah
Ya Dayyanu Ya Allahu - Oh Arbiter! Oh Allah
Ya Buharnu Ya Allahu - Oh Reason! Oh Allah
Ya Sultanu Ya Allahu - Oh Mighty! Oh Allah
Ya Musta'aanu Ya Allahu - Oh Helper! Oh Allah
Ya Muhsinu Ya Allahu - Oh Obligor! Oh Allah
Ya Muta'aali Ya Allahu - Oh The Greatness! Oh Allah
Ya Rahmanu Ya Allahu - Oh Benevolent! Oh Allah
Ya Raheemu Ya Allahu - Oh Merciful! Oh Allah
Ya Haleemu Ya Allahu - Oh Clement! Oh Allah
Ya Aleemu Ya Allahu - Oh Knower! Oh Allah
Ya Kareemu Ya Allahu - Oh Generous! Oh Allah
Ya Jaleelu Ya Allahu - Oh Great! Oh Allah
Ya Majeedu Ya Allahu - Oh Noble! Oh Allah
Ya Hakeemu Ya Allahu - Oh Wise! Oh Allah
Ya Muqtadiru Ya Allahu - Oh Powerful! Oh Allah
Ya Ghafooru Ya Allahu - Oh Forgiver! Oh Allah
Ya Ghaffaru Ya Allahu - Oh Forgiver of sins! Oh Allah
Ya Mubdiyu Ya Allahu - Oh Creator! Oh Allah
Ya Rafe'u Ya Allahu - Oh Exalting! Oh Allah
Ya Shakura Ya Allahu - Oh Appreciator of thankful! Oh Allah
Ya Khabiru Ya Allahu - Oh Knower! Oh Allah
Ya Baseeru Ya Allahu - Oh Seer! Oh Allah
Ya Sameeu Ya Allahu - Oh Hearer! Oh Allah
Ya Zahiru Ya Allahu - Oh The Manifest! Oh Allah
Ya Batinu Ya Allahu - Oh The Hidden! Oh Allah
Ya Quddoosu Ya Allahu - Oh Holy One! Oh Allah
Ya Salamu Ya Allahu - Oh Peace! Oh Allah
Ya Muhaimenu Ya Allahu - Oh Protector! Oh Allah
Ya Azeezu Ya Allahu - Oh Glrorious one! Oh Allah
Ya Mutakabbiru Ya Allahu - Oh Majestic! Oh Allah
Ya Khaliqu Ya Allahu - Oh Creator! Oh Allah
Ya Waleeyu Ya Allahu - Oh Friend! Oh Allah
Ya Musawwiru Ya Allahu - Oh Shaper! Oh Allah
Ya Jabbaru Ya Allahu - Oh Possessor! Oh Allah
Ya Hayyu Ya Allahu - Oh Living! Oh Allah
Ya Qayyumu Ya Allahu - Oh Immortal! Oh Allah
Ya Qabizu Ya Allahu - Oh Constrictor! Oh Allah
Ya Basitu Ya Allahu - Oh Expander! Oh Allah
Ya Muzillu Ya Allahu - Oh Abaser! Oh Allah
Ya Qaweeyu Ya Allahu - Oh Strong one! Oh Allah
Ya Shaheedu Ya Allahu - Oh Witness! Oh Allah
Ya Mu'ti Ya Allahu - Oh Giver! Oh Allah
Ya Mane'u Ya Allahu - Oh Eliminator! Oh Allah
Ya Khafizu Ya Allahu - Oh Abasing! Oh Allah
Ya Rafi'u Ya Allahu - Oh Sublime! Oh Allah
Ya Wakeelu Ya Allahu - Oh Guardian! Oh Allah
Ya Kafeelu Ya Allahu - Oh Helper! Oh Allah
Ya Zaljalale wal Ikram Ya Allahu - Oh Great and Merciful! Oh Allah
Ya Rasheedu Ya Allahu - Oh Shower of the way! Oh Allah
Ya Sabooru Ya Allahu - Oh Patient one! Oh Allah
Ya Fattahu Ya Allahu - Oh Opener! Oh Allah

La Ilaha Illa Anta Subhanaka Inni Kuntu Minaz Zalemin
was Sallalahu Ta-aala Ala Khare Khalqehi
Muhammadin wa Aalehi wa Asha bihi Ajmaeen
Berahmateka Ya Arhamar Rahimin 

Credit: Islam786 Forum/ Edited slightly


  1. May Allah reward you for as long as these Great Names and the blessing of His Beloved are in this blog till the Day of Judgement.

  2. MashaAllah Tabarakallah!
    Brother, O brother I wish you the same, for you are so generous in your du'a for a fellow Muslim.
    Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.
    - Ezza

  3. Assalamualaykum
    Jezakamullahu Khair so much. I found rhis at a time I really wanted to know what the names meant.
    May Allah (sbwt)'s blessings always be with you.

  4. Assalamulaykum
    Jezakamyllahu Khayr. This has been immensely useful for me. May Allah (sbwt's) blassing always be with u and ur family.