Saturday, November 12, 2011

O Light upon lights

Jabal Nur - Nov 2, 2011
Credit: AP Photo/Hassan Ammar

O Allah, I beseech You
Just as You had honored me with the tawfiq
to walk up the mountain
to walk into the holy chamber of Hira'
honor me with moments of peace, nearness, gratitude
and amazement at Your Beauty
again and again....
as breathtaking as it was
atop Jabal Nur

O Allah, I implore You
that the gravels, the dust, the sand, the rocks
and the sheeps
all those that once witnessed
my footsteps on the mountain
my lonely presence
my standing still
the string of Al-Ikhlas recited
the fond remembrance of Ummul Mukminin
the mountain of hope for Al-Amin
the trust in Your promise for the Reunion
O Allah, I beg You
make me hold firm to Your deen

O Light,
I am contented with the dark
though in fear and despair
lest I yearn not for Your lights
O You who teach by opposites
so long as I see You
with it, before and after...

O Mui'zz
still I beseech You
don't keep me long at the bottom
raise me to the top
So I could marvel at Your lights again
Majestically beautiful You are
O Nur!


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