Friday, November 25, 2011

On being forgiving


We all apologize and seek forgiveness in many ways. We try to redeem ourselves in our own unique ways. Someone from a distant place sent a bouquet to admit a mistake and apologize. Who am I not to forgive? AlHamdulillah Allah make our heart soft enough and our mind sane enough to realize when we have inadvertently transgressed in our speech and actions and hurt people's feelings.

We should know that there's no point in being super-religious in our relation with Allah yet careless about our relationship with people. Many are overly focused on hablum minallah but lukewarm about hablum minannas. I think that stems from one being self-centered on attaining the paradise, of doing something and expecting a reward.

We are all the same, we are all weak. Indeed if Allah reveals our shortcomings, not a single soul would want to be near us. I heard Imam Suhaib Webb said something very frank and candid as you would expect of him. He said everyone has got issues. "The imams too have problems", he said. Yes, I know some shaykhs do too. We are the same in that we all have our own problems. But I think it's not a problem so long as we don't involve people, avoid stepping on people's toes and if we do, just say sorry.

There's one munajat I learned from Al Hikam which really humbles me every time, because I know my past, I know my flaws, I know my warts. I discovered it during my early days of returning to Islam.
Ilahi kam 'asika wa anta tas turuni.
O Lord, I have transgressed yet you cover up my flaws.

I want my Lord to forgive me, so I will forgive those who have wronged me.

Al Afuw

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