Friday, May 18, 2012

A conduit of blessings


Did you know that 17th May is World Telecommunication and Information Society Day? Well, I work in this industry so it's been etched on my mind for many years already and I wish to say something in support of telecommunications technology. It is evidently, a conduit of blessings, provided that our usage or involvement in it does not harm other people, either with our words or actions.

It seems that this year my work is grabbing me away from this space more than ever. As much as I want to hang out on Blogosphere everyday, I need to spend more time at work so that other people could have access to this conduit of blessings, especially those living in rural areas in Malaysia. I feel blessed that in conjunction with World Telecommunication and Information Society Day, this year, the organization where I work has been granted millions of dollars to spend, so that more people could be in touch and be counted as a Netizen. And since my superiors were all occupied, I was entrusted with receiving the valuable grant while I am a nobody in the company. MashaAllah walhamdulillah. What I am trying to say is that there will not be as many blog postings like previous years due to work commitment. Still, we pray Allah would grant the strength to put our time and energy to good use.

I was at a seminar recently and it was comforting to learn that a research conducted by a local uni showed that people have been using the internet to search about religion more than any other topics. Indeed, many good things come out of this conduit called the Internet: understanding, wisdom, opportunities, happiness,  friendship, peace and love. Well, that is if you view the glass as half full and not half empty.

May Allah reward you for your generous praises and appreciation for this space. The only reason why people seem to favor us is because Allah has made our weaknesses and flaws hidden. And verily He honors and dishonors whom He wills.

I humbly ask for your prayers so that I keep steadfast on the right path and hold fast to the deen and that Allah will strengthen any incompletes, purify any blemishes and fulfill all needs. I shall pray for the same for you. Ameen.

See you when I see you InshaAllah.


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  1. Dear Ezza

    Congratulations on being entrusted with the project. Wishing you only success. I fully understand. At least we can go back to previous postings for advice/inspiration/ of which we have derived much benefit. May Allah grant us the health and strength to implement so that we can derive goodness out of these actions, Inshallah. May Allah keep you safe and bring you closer to Him with your worldly tasks, Inshallah. Rashaad