Sunday, January 20, 2013

Al-Hamid praising the much praised Prophet


Masha Allah tabarakallah. We were not there physically but still we could not escape from hearing words of praises for Prophet Muhammad salallah alaihi wasalam. Indeed praises for him salallah alaihi wasalam shall spread far and wide.

Habib Ali Zeinal Abidin bin Abu Bakar al-Hamid was speaking at a grand mawlid event in Kuala Lumpur recently where Habib Syech Asseqqaf was the guest of honor alongside a couple of Malaysian ministers.

Habib Ali al-Hamid said, the Prophet [peace be upon him] is indeed honored with many special names. Muhammad means one who is much praised. Mahmud means one who is praised and Hamid is one who praises.

Habib Ali said, anyone who is praised will surely feel flattered but Prophet Muhammad is being praised by the One who is praised, the One worthy of praise and none can praise Allah as much or as great as the praises of Prophet Muhammad for Allah subhanahu wa ta'ala.

Why is the Prophet's name and ranking uplifted to such a high stature? It's because of his loving attribute (rahmat). A person who is close to Allah is the one who brings benefit to others. And as we all know Prophet Muhammad is one who brings the greatest benefits to all. He salallah alaihi wasalam is adorned with two of Allah's names - Ar Rauf and Ar Rahim.

If you wish to know about him and his attributes, read the ayah from Surah At-Taubah:

Laqad ja akum rasulun min anfusikum 'azizun 'alaihima
'anit tum harissun 'alaikum bil mukminin rau'fun rahim

"Surely there has come to you, from your midst, a Messenger who feels it very hard on him if you face a hardship, who is very anxious for your welfare, and for the believers he is very kind, very merciful."

Take note of the word harissun. That describes his attribute of being very loving - very. It's related in a hadith about Ai'shah being delighted upon hearing the Prophet making a special du'a for her. That Allah would forgive her past and future sins, and that which is visible and not. The Prophet told A'ishah that was in fact his prayers for the ummat every night.

In a hadith related by Anas Ibn Malik, the Prophet narrated to Anas and Ai'shah about the Day of Resurrection and how things will become so chaotic, that people will all be naked yet are oblivious of their nakedness. 

Anas then asked the Prophet: "so where do I look for you then?" The Prophet [salallah alaihi wasalam] said: "Look out for me at three places - the sirat, the mizan and the Kauthar well. That's where I'll be waiting to offer my syafaat."

Ya Rabbi salli 'alan Nabi Ya Mustafa!

Watch a recording of Habib Ali's speech at the Muhibbains:
p/s I have listened and watched the recording a few times over and each time the part that put a smile on my face and soothed my heart, was when Habib Ali addressed the muslimin and muslimat as those whom he loves. It sounded even better in Malay: "yang saya kasihi lagi sayangi." When habaib speak, they mean what they say. And in this rough world we live in, with all sorts of men and women making us upset every now and then, those who try to make a hole in our wall of faith - it means a lot to have the habaib around, to know that they love us, for they are the inheritors of the Prophet, the Prophet who is, as Habib Ali said, so full of love and rahmat. Likewise, it's a joy to love those who love Allah and Rasulullah [s.a.w].

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