Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Ramadhan - we draw thou curtain reluctantly


The mood during teraweh at my local mosque tonight was distinctly somber. The imam made a heartfelt du'a so that Allah grant us continued strength to see it through - Ramadhan - as we begin to draw its curtain reluctantly.

It's not time to bid farewell yet. But surely it is timely to reflect if we have fared well this month. As I am typing this my mother is reading the Qur'an. She fared better than I, I honestly think, as she has been on a Quranic marathon for the past few months making one khatam after another as gifts for our nearest and dearest. May Allah bless her for having beautiful kalamullah comes out her mouth. I think if we can't afford to have beautiful words come out our mouth then at least refrain from making mischief with our words.

Some of us may feel like they are lacking and slacking in their ibadah. Pray may Allah reward in other ways - perhaps for being patient when faced with malicious allegations. Perhaps for gladly parting with your cash for a good cause. Perhaps, perhaps, perhaps. Alhamdulillah we have a Creator who is Ar-Rahman and Ar-Rahim. He who gathers all the great blessings in this sacred month in which we all hope to obtain His mercy, forgiveness and salvation.    

Once again I ask for your du'a - you friendly readers whom I respect. And I pray the same, that Allah protects us from harm and people with evil intentions. That Allah accepts whatever little ibadah we have performed this Ramadhan.

p/s Yesterday I met staffs of a masjid who were upset because some Muslims have been complaining about the sound of azan and Quran recital, that it's too loud and has been affecting them "badly". And these "Muslims" keep going back to the masjid to lodge their complaints. Can you believe that? I empathize with the masjid people. We just can't avoid having "Muslims" bothering another Muslim for the most nonsensical reason, can we?        

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