Tuesday, February 25, 2014

Asked | Answered


Sometimes all we have to do is ask, yet we are reluctant. 

Sometimes we have to be careful with what we ask for. Sometimes we have to be careful with things we secretly or unconsciously ask for because He listens and He knows. And when He grants, we can either be pleasantly surprised or darn gobsmacked!

Sometimes we don't ask hard enough because we don't want it bad enough. But at the end of the day what we get is what is destined for us. And what is destined for us has got to be the best thing for us. Because Allah is fair and all-knowing, we'll get what's best for us whether we like it or not.  

Sometimes I hesitated at writing my mind and tried to self-censor certain things. But many a time it proved worthwhile. Like the other day I hesitated writing about making the first million. But soon after my posting, a respected reader taught me a special du'a from the Quran on how to get rich quickly and have un-diminishing riches. Ahah! [Jazakillah Dr. P, I love you for the sake of Allah.] 

Sometimes when things are driving us berserk still we can afford a smile just thinking about the prospect of being with the people we love in the hereafter bi-iznillah :)


O love, why do you think He is not giving?
Because He longs to hear you begging.

O love, why aren't you knocking on my door?
For I long to open it, and see you there.

O love, I have been waiting for you to ask.
Because I am so eager to answer.


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