Sunday, February 16, 2014

Innocent writing


It's Sunday, my adult mind thought I ought to find something useful to write - though my body is weak on account of carrying and arranging things at home. For the sake of the loyal readers whom I love and respect, I will share the fruits of my labor - of having organized bookshelves. To state the obvious, when things are neat it's easier to find what we need. 

Two books I thought of sharing with you: 'Kid's Letters to President Carter' and 'Albert Einstein's Letters to and from Children.' I turned to these books today after getting stuck reading two utterly serious books on Sufism.

When the mind gets overloaded with complex matters and the heart gets tangled with adult emotions, it's a good idea to drop everything and return to the innocence of the child-in-us. And this lagging blogger could use some innocent writing to fill up the white space.

"Dear Mr. Einstein, I am a little girl of six. I saw your picture in the paper. I think you ought to have a haircut, so you can look better."
Cordially yours,

"Dear President Jimmy Carter,
I have seen a lot of pictures of you and you weren't wearing a shirt with a tie. Don't you think a President of the United States should always wear a tie when he takes a picture?...The citizens want a neat president." 
Your friend,
Marjorie L

Of course we cannot say these kids were nit-picking, only neat-picking.

Wish y'all a good week ahead. And stay neat.

Publisher credit: Prometheus Books & Grosset & Dunlap  

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