Sunday, February 23, 2014

Peeper of hearts


O you who keep peeping, I feel sorry sometimes that my heart seems to be silent lately and cannot string any words. One should avoid speaking for the sake of speaking. It's not a good idea to write for the sake of writing either. Sometimes it's hard to accept the fact that it is He who throws. Without His tawfiq, we can do nothing. 

Why do we sometimes want to peep into the heart of others? Perhaps there's something in there for us :)
Perhaps we have something in common. Or perhaps we are trying to pick on what's uncommon. But seriously it's best that we peep our own hearts and not busy our bodies with other people's lives. 

The kitty in the below poster looks almost exactly as my little Ben and Ngot Ngot. They have both ran away. I let them move on. Perhaps, it's they who decided to let me move on. Surely the Prophet (pbuh) loves cats for a reason. I found them to have latif (subtle) qualities. They were great at peeping into my heart and thus understood me even in silence. Connected hearts communicate even in silence. 

And love between silent hearts cannot be silenced just as a million hands cannot stop the sun from shining. Even if the whole world gang up for or against someone or something, nothing happens except that which He wills.    

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