Tuesday, April 1, 2014

Where to?


Where to? Wherever destiny brings? Wherever the heart longs to go?

Somehow, this morning I woke up and thought to myself, where to next, and Cape Town came to mind. Hoping some beautiful souls there would make a du'a for me at a mazaar so that this wish may come true :) InshaAllah.

Anyway, here are some photos from my island getaway, as intended for sharing with you friendly avid readers especially those living in the other continents.

Praise be to Allah who listens to the whispers in our hearts and grants. Five years ago, I remembered eating chicken rice at this hotel where I am now staying and said jokingly to myself, "I will come back here for the chicken rice" because it's super good. Was gutted when it was not on the buffet line last night but yaaay...tonight am happy, delighted in fact because they have duck rice as well. I gladly told the staff assigned to the chicken rice station, about my "coming back for the chicken rice" story. It made him smile and a little sad because according to him, the hotel will be temporarily closed for refurbishment. Hmm...that's why we must be grateful for every little experience because we'll never know if there's ever going to be a next time, for anything and everything.

Wonder what's going to happen to the hotel's hornbills? Where to?

Hornbills' meal time at sunset. 
But life is a journey. We are always on the move, always heading somewhere new before heading home to our eternal destination. So to the question: where to after here? The correct answer is hereafter.

However, until then, let's pray Allah will be kind and generous to let us see a lot more of His beautiful creations, and remember: "Our Lord, not for naught has Thou created all this...."

Not for naught.


  1. InshaAllah may Allah SWT facilitate a way to visit cape town soon InshaAllah.

  2. InshaAllah :)
    Ameen to your du'a Rashaad.
    Many thanks :)