Friday, April 25, 2014

Love Spring | Love springs


"You can cut all the flowers 
but you cannot keep Spring from coming."

That's a quote a close friend shared with me earlier today.

Heh true. It's like love, when it springs, one cannot be foolish to want it to fall, let alone wither. Everything has its time. Everything happens at the appointed time. And He is Time. He plans and He executes His plans. What is destined to take place in Spring, one cannot be foolish to want it to happen in Fall or Winter. If something is meant to fall or wither in Spring, it will.

I wished I was walking in a park in Tokyo right now to savour the lovely colors at Shinjuku Gyoen, but here I am. We are wherever we are at now, for a reason.

It's tiring to want to control things, people, circumstances etc. Not just tiring, it's a futile effort. When will the time come when we just let life springs and blossoms as it should be? When we do that, when we flow with the flow, when we dance in harmony with the Divine Plan, life will be what it should be - plain marvellous, far from plain, it will be wonderful :)

May Allah beautify our lives with brightly coloured flowers. May we appreciate the scent of Spring while it's still around. May Allah let love spring in our hearts for Him, His Prophet, the awliya, the habaib, shuyukh and all who love Him and His Beloved Prophet. And everyone who loves us. Yes, we must love people back, you know.

Jum'ah mubarrak!


Aunty S, your phone call made my day :) A million thanks for your du'aLove you for the sake of Allah.

Credit: AB & B.

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