Saturday, April 5, 2014

Search questions


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah a week has just passed so quickly and we are still standing, we are able to prostrate before the day comes when we would just lie flat, good for nothing. Yes, time flies when you are having fun they say. Well, time flies, fun or no fun.

Was thinking of what to offer to this white space when I discovered the key words people searched and brought them here, like it or not. Some interesting search words recorded on this blog today are: 'I am lost' and 'I am nothing'. Let's just hope people will get whatever it is they are looking for.

According to Seyyed Hossein Nasir in his lovely and thought provoking book 'The Garden of Truth', people by nature have the same basic fundamental questions like: 'who are we, where we came from, what are we doing here, and where we are going.' And there are people who take the question 'who am I?' more seriously than others and would devote a lifetime finding the answer to the seemingly simple question of who am I.

The author says: 'In any case, how we choose to live in this world - how we act and think and how we develop the latent possibilities within us - depends totally on the answer we provide for ourselves to this basic question of who we are, for human beings live and act for the most part according to the image they have of themselves.'

And I will add, that people act and think, also according to the image or consciousness of their own individual Lordship, that is their unique relationship with the Creator. To put it simply: my God alone rules me and judges me.

Another interesting point the author makes is that we are above our emotions and psychological state. We are not defined by them. The fact that sometimes we say: "I must control my temper" essentially means there is something more and higher than the temperamental "I" that exist within us. We are more than just our feelings, more than just our minds. Our true identity lies in a deeper level of our being. The author says, it is in the heart that the final answer to the question 'who am I?' resides. Sufism shows you the way to the answer. Those who undertake this journey to the heart to finding the answer to that million dollar question, is known as 'people of the heart' or ahli dil.

That leaves us with something to think about - a big question needs an answer, or answers.
As we think hard or look hard for answers, let's not be so hard on ourselves, let's not forget to count blessings, and count not problems ;)

Have a good weekend y'all.



  2. MashaAllah.
    Whatever that is good is from Allah.
    All that is bad is from my own nafs.

    Thanks Rahil :)