Monday, February 16, 2015

Look forward | March forward


I so....look forward to seeing this week unfolds. It's because I will have completed a major work assignment very soon and then I will get to go makan angin as they say in Malay. That means: go sightseeing, inshaAllah.

Oh...another trip abroad is scheduled in March, inshaAllah, let's just march forward : D

Folks, listen, I have been working so hard, therefore I deserve to go places (in style), don't I? In the meantime, you guys go read some of the decent old postings and ignore the merepek nonsense. And block out all the noise. Don't makan hati as they say in Malay - meaning: don't take it to heart. 

YaHu! See you when I see you!

Look forward, drive, park and fly.
With Ilham (GoPro) & Rashid (Sony recorder)
and a bunch of loved ones ; )

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