Friday, April 3, 2015

Interview with the Imam and Committee at Masjid Jamia Al-Muslimin - Ho Chi Minh, Vietnam


Imam Musa (center), flanked by two key members
of the Dong Du Mosque committee
Hj. Mohd Amine (on his right)
and Hj Mohd Zain (on his left)

Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.

We were humbled and grateful that the Imam of Masjid Jamia Al-Muslimin (popularly known as the Dong Du Mosque) agreed to be interviewed on the first meeting with him. We were pleasantly surprised that he was able to converse in Malay.

And truly, it was touching to hear him speak very frankly about his father's conversion to Islam and his own experience as a new revert. Imam Musa Abdullah embraced Islam in his teens in 1997. He has been serving as Imam at the Dong Du Mosque for two years now. He took over from Haji Mohd Amine (the gentleman on his right) the President of the Mosque Committee who acted as temporary imam when Imam Yusuf passed away. Imam Yusuf had been leading prayers at the mosque for 20 years. He was a little over 90 years of age when he passed away several years ago.

Masjid Jamia Al-Muslimin (Dong Du Mosque)
is located in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City,
in the same row as the Sheraton Hotel
(that tall building on the left).
The popular Halal Saigon restaurant is situated
right across the mosque. 

According to Imam Musa, the Dong Du Mosque has never been in a better state. The mosque is now well managed unlike before. There are not many Muslims living in the city center, therefore only a handful of people can be seen praying jemaah at the mosque. Friday is an exception, where Muslims from Arab, Pakistan, Bangladesh and several other countries, both men and women would congregate at the mosque which is the largest mosque in Ho Chi Minh. The Mosque was established in 1935. It has been functioning as an 'Indian Muslim Mosque' until Imam Musa became its first imam of non-Indian descent. 

Gathering for Friday prayers
Friday prayers at Dong Du Mosque
The Imam and Committee at the Dong Du Mosque are currently raising funds to refurbish a three-storey madrasa building. The Noorul Imaan Madrasa needs a facelift and new fittings so that the committee will have a proper office on the ground floor. The first and second floors are reserved for classes. Imam Musa said it's important that the madrasa resume its activities to educate the youth. There are many children who shy away from the deen upon reaching puberty because they don't know how to pray and read the Quran.    

Madrasa Noorul Iman
Should Allah move your heart to partake in the Madrasa fundraising, please get in touch with the Mosque Committee as per details below:

The interview was held in Malay. We therefore apologize to our English speaking viewers. Anyhow, let us all pray so that the Dong Du Mosque will continue to flourish and make Islam prominent in South Vietnam. Pray so that teaching can resume at Madrasa Noorul Iman as quickly as possible for the sake of our children in Ho Chi Minh. Ameen.

Credit: Al Falah TV


  1. Is imam Musa able to speak english?

  2. Salams,

    No he is not able to speak English.

  3. Clarification:
    According to one of his companion, he is not able to speak English. But I thought I heard him speak a bit of English during Friday khutbah.
    I may be wrong.
    Allahu a'lam.