Wednesday, August 26, 2015

Blue hues - Rosy hues


I have got about 60 postings to go. Aiming at 200 and thinking if one could only write 60 letters, if one was given only 60 chances to write, what would it be?

I would for the first of the 60, express my gladness for a good start of a lovely day upon seeing that pretty blue hues this morning.

I am guessing KL Tower is dressing up for the upcoming Merdeka celebration [Malaysia'a 58th Year of Independence] cos usually the lights are instantly off at midnight.

KL Tower wearing blue

I think, as the French song La Vie En Rose goes, one should see life through rose-colored glasses even if that which is before the eyes could cause one to feel blue. We must see things in a positive light for as long as we are here, able to breathe and witness life in all its spectrum of colors.

Wish ya a good day folks!
Let's do something meaningful today.
Allah Kareem.
Allah Wadud.


The country is 58 years old this year.
How do you want to live life at 58?
Lets opt for:
Peace of mind.
Solid iman.
Tranquil heart.
Superb health.
Great abundance.
Much LOVE!

: D

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