Saturday, September 5, 2015

Choose - Best version


Yes! That's one of many takeaways from the course I attended yesterday. It's not about being a better version of oneself, it's about being: the BEST version of you. 

By the way, it's which is short for 'ít is' is not the same as its. Funny how some people are excited about creating a blog just to hit at me and they got the blog title so wrong, they got the two mixed up: it's and its. Yes, some people actually set up a blog just to bash at me LOL. I thank them for 'investing' their precious time on me. Makes me more grateful that this blog of mine, although insignificant, was set up with a better intention. Bi-iznillah

Oh well, we can't change everyone around us but we can choose who to spend time with. It's hilarious how the trainer said this the way he did: 'Some people and what they say is just not important, let them taaaaalk til they diiiiie.' He said this when we were discussing anger management. 

We have been asked to teach what we learned. To teach means to share and teaching is like double learning because you'll understand better when you teach.

I am so excited. It's 2.35 a.m. yet I am still fresh and energized composing a deck of my own notes from the course. I am pretty sure the good-looking trainer will be pleased when he sees my notes and how I intend to teach/share it. InshaAllah.

As I write this, it is still Friday in some parts of the world. May you have a great day. 
May you have a fab weekend : )

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