Sunday, September 6, 2015

Disciplines for success #Faith


Hi folks, wish y'all a greatttt Sunday.

It's my duty to share this with you simply because I am a good student. When my trainer asked me to share what I learned last Thursday and Friday, I just do it.

In case you didn't know what the System to Success is. 
It is a few simple disciplines,
practiced everyday.

At the outset of the training, we were asked to share the things we have done that we are really proud of. Of course it's not the time to be humble because: it is not humility to discount your own abilities. What about you, what have you done that you are really proud of? 

As for me, I am certainly grateful and I am loving this habit, this simple discipline of toning my writing muscle everyday.

I have, since Friday night, been putting together my notes and I have got 107 awesome-looking slides which I will share with my nearest. Will gradually share some here on this space. InshaAllah.

This blog is called Language of Faith. Faith indeed covers a wide scope. It is as wide as the heart-space may be extended. It is not just about one's religion. 

'Faith is to keep believing although nothing is happening' is one more definition of faith. Or perhaps we should say faith is to believe even if nothing seems to be happening, because surely there must be something happening for as long as we are not a statue, sitting down doing nothing. Even if we may seem to be doing nothing physically, the thoughts (or prayers) that we create in the mind sure are something.

So to recap, repeating good habits everyday is a system to success. And we gotta have faith even if nothing seems to be happening.

Glad I could share my writing habits with you. We shall see, where this small simple habit/discipline will take me 3 years from now. It's been 7 years already, Alhamdulillah.

In case you have never watched this before:

By the way, System to Failure is: repeating few errors everyday. Here is one example:
Exchanging meaningless/negative WhatsApp/Sms messages everyday.
Peace y'all!

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