Saturday, February 20, 2016

Mocking who? | A tribute to one iconic lady writer named Harper


Am a little bird
hear me chirp my story
Know not how to sing my own
so I mock
that's the Divine Plan
that which I follow

If I could have my way
I would sing my own song
but all the melodies were all taken away
oh those other lyrical birdies
must I envy?

But hey
one Harper Lee makes me a celebrity!
it goes to show
stay true to who you are
even if all you do is copy
that's the role the Lord has for me

And hey
on a hit novel they say my name
kill me or not kill me
I am innocent as can be
for I merely hum the tunes of reality

Tonight, the kingdom of bird
listen to me
as I pay tribute to one writer
named Harper

And you man and woman out there
justice knows no color


Harper Lee
(1926 - 2016)
Author of To Kill A Mockingbird, first published in 1960.
She died at 89.

"I knew I could never be happy
being anything
but a writer..."
- Harper Lee

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