Sunday, May 15, 2016

Face North | Kedah - Perlis


For the sake of a couple of special readers from abroad, here are some photos from my weekend getaway to two inseparable northern-most states in Peninsular Malaysia namely Kedah and Perlis. 

Malaysia, I realize as I travel more and more to every nook and crany, is indeed a beautiful and special country. Each state has its own unique attractions. I am proud to be a Malaysian : )

We were in Kedah to promote the Sunnah Food Campaign Video Competition (SFCVC) at the one and only prominent uni in the state. I was particularly impressed that the dean of the faculty we met was a lady. And the speaker we invited to give a talk on sunnah food delivered a touching speech relating to Prophet Muhammad salallah alaihi wasalam. We will post the recordings on Al Falah TV Youtube channel soon Insha Allah.

The highlight of my trip was seeing a band of cute boys marching out of a cave - a tourist spot in Perlis - in their jubah (thobe). It's amazing how Allah could engulf the heart with so much joy just by looking at them!

Qurratu Ain they are.
The boys must have enjoyed their trip to Gua Kelam
- a small touristy cave in Perlis
Inside Gua Kelam, Perlis, Malaysia.
Perlis is famous for a type of mango known as Harum Manis
[Sweet Fragrant] which is only available once a year in April/May. 
Harum Manis [Sweet Fragrant] is literally just that:
sweet and fragrant.
The texture is smooth, almost like a wagyu beef.
One kg of Harum Manis costs between RM36 to RM50.
Regret this pic turned out blurry.
I wanted to capture the joy on the boy's face.
He is 13 and was alone manning the stall
and attending to us before his father joined him

Speaking of responsible young boys, I was deeply touched when a boy [barely 4 feet tall] approached me as I was having  a meal at Perlis' popular restaurant Anjung Keli. He came by to the table promptly introducing himself and his products saying: ''Saya jual cendul" [I am selling cendul].

Cendul is a local dessert made of strips of green jelly, coconut milk and palm sugar.

Like most people, I was surprised to see such a young boy having so much confidence going around the restaurant when he should be sitting with his family having lunch like everyone else. Not knowing how to respond to this calm looking boy, I asked him "Cendul apa?" [What kind of cendul?] And he replied as a matter of fact, explaining his products. ["Ada cendul, ada santan dan gula!"]

I found out later that this boy is famous for his trade, helping his mother sells cendul by walking around the small town of Kangar, Perlis. May Allah ease their affairs and grant them plenty of rizq. May we be more grateful for His bounties. Ameen.

Shame on people like me who spends on nice to have things and comfort foods just because. But then I bought Pekasam (fermented fish) just because my mother loves it.

Pekasam stall in Perlis.
A must buy item when in Perlis anytime of the year,
unlike the Harum Manis mangoes which is only available once a year

Royce is a "just because purchase" when you are at KL International Airport, especially for all of you who love this Japanese (Hokkaido based) chocolate maker. Yes Royce is the new choc on the block at the choc shops at KLIA.

Early bird catches the Royce
And yes it was worth it catching an early morning flight for a CSR program at Universiti Utara Malaysia (UUM).

Was fun bumming around UUM
School of Multimedia Technology and Communication
[Look forward to bumming around a uni abroad, next month. YaHuu!]

May Allah accept our small efforts in doing something worthwhile for the society and for the deen although we are not the most pious of people.

Visit Malaysia yáll. It's a beautiful country from up north down to the south and to the east.

May we have a pleasant and productive week ahead. If the week gets too much to handle, go on a flight mode [or Airplane mode if you are using an iPhone]. Even if you are not flying, just set it on that mode to take a break from phone calls, WhatsApps and whatnots.

Airplane mode.
Can't resist promoting Apple watch ; )
Dr. P: Thanks for having us and for the goodies : )

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