Sunday, May 8, 2016

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Kuala Lumpur
Sunday Morning
8 May 2016

Good Morning folks : )

Hope you are feeling good this Sunday morning, as good as I do cos I am meeting people of beneficial knowledge again today. 

Alhamdulillah, it's all rizq from Allah, good knowledgeable and supportive persons we meet on day to day basis are all part of Allah's provisions.

You might notice that my activities have changed a lot as my focus changes. I do not attend majlis ta'alim as frequently as before. Nowadays, we have got endless streaming of majlis taálim 24/7 coming to us without us having to leave home. I get at least four recordings of talks delivered on daily basis and I must say it's overwhelming. You can't practically spend hours watching or listening to them.

Of course at Exa Publishing our role and vision is to produce one major content which is still WIP and we foresee sharing the good yields with plenty of people, bi iznillah and Insha Allah.

You know they say money talks BS walks. There can only be so few people preaching, there ought to be people who play the supporting roles because there are just too many good projects that require funding. A friend of mine is in need of SGD100,000 for a pre-school in China. So things like this make me think. For how long do we want to be a passive attendee, audience or listener of religious talks? Do we do it as an escapism to get in the feel good zone? 

There is a huge variety of good "religious activities" that one can do and one can choose to be an active doer or giver or just sit, watch and listen. Certainly, the real scene is panoramic, beyond the one small screenshot that we often see.

May Allah make us a receptacle of His abundant bounties. May Allah make us a conduit of good beneficial works. Ameen.

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