Tuesday, July 5, 2016

Swinging Eid | 200+ gems | GST


Hi folks,

Excuse me please, I just have to release a bit of pre-Eid stress here. LOL.

Yes, two days before Eid, one might have time to chill on a hammock on the beach, like I did. Errr...what actually happened was: I stole some time to rest while my mom was busy buying fresh seafood at a nearby beach stall. LOL.

It was fun chatting away with my 'hammock mate'
a fisherman who reminded me of my grandfather Tahir who was a fisherman cum carpenter cum chiropractitioner.
This is so us - living carefree kampung (village) life in Penang, Malaysia

But....one day before Eid [today] is when we all get in a frenzy of Eid preps, don't we? I'm just taking a breather before the sun comes out and the shops open. What's hovering my mind? Plenty!

My part of the job: buy 15 chickens and cook them for 200+ people; buy 200+ ice cream popsicles; turn 3kg of beef into dendeng [Malaysian style beef jerky] and cook Mandi rice for 200+ guests. My elder sisters have got their own cooking tasks too, so we will be competing for space to work in the kitchen.

We are being ambitious this year just because we intend to make it a little more special for some 200+ kampung children who would roam about our neighborhood on the 1st day of Syawal, in sha Allah. This is an attempt to get them to eat more and mingle instead of just knocking on the door collecting Eid cash.

Actually, I am secretly being selfish LOL cos I want to win the children's hearts cos their prayers are precious. So, it's all for you my 200+ village gems. It's for us, we gonna have a Great Syawal Time (GST) bi iznillah.

See ya soon : D

I trust children are polite, they will behave well.
They won't gatecrash or attempt to open people's gate on their own.
Speaking of GST, just like you, the only time I love GST is when I get a refund! Should spend more at the GSS (Great Singapore Sale) to get more GST refunds, don't you wish?

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