Friday, June 16, 2017

21st Ramadan 1438H | Busy pleading with the Lord


It's the time to seclude and keep ourselves busy pleading with the Lord.

Wishing everyone success in using time in the most productive manner in this last 10 days of Ramadan.

Wama tawfiqi illa billah.

Must praise the Most Generous Lord today for sending some sweet cherries from Spain. Allah Kareem! Every day He manifests His generosities and every day we must be cognizant of them and say our thanks. Many people asked me how I had once upon a time survived without a job for four years, each time people asked, I said: Allah Kareem : )

My thoughts and prayers are with Aunty S and her family in the northeast of Spain - pious, honorable family they are. May Allah bless them with the best of His Most Unique Bounties this Ramadan. Ameen.

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