Wednesday, June 21, 2017

26th Ramadan 1438 H | Allah Al Hafiz


Alhamdulillah wa shukrulillah.
Praise be to Allah to have arrived home safely.
Super happy to be in Penang early for the Eid holidays.

I sincerely wish all of you who will be traveling during the festive season, a safe and pleasant journey. May Allah Al Hafiz protect all of us always. Ameen.

Our hearts are of course drawn to our homes.

"Life is not in other places but at home, the place that we are sentimentally attached to forever."

Home Sw-Eid home

When in Penang, it's Nasi Kandar for sahur
at one of the most popular resto for spicy mixed-rice Indian style

Only in Penang, yet not all Penangites will know
about this 70s Malay savory buns.
It's called "Cucur Badak Pisang"
The more common Cucur Badak is made of sweet potatoes with spicy coconut filling
but this one is made with bananas.
Delighted is an understatement when
I saw this at the Ramadan Bazaar yesterday.
Not as pretty as cinnamon rolls,
but we are talking substance over style here.  

Allah Kareem!

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