Thursday, June 1, 2017

6th Ramadan 1438 H | God's good pleasure


May Allah grant us the capability to see with the eyes of the heart. May Allah grant us the strength to only prefer God's good pleasure and that the displeasure of others mean nothing to us. Ameen.

Tonight in my sujud, I felt a different kind of connection with the earth.
Subhana Rabbiyal a'la wabihamdih
Glory be to the Lord Most High

Tonight in the sweetness of teraweh I realized how fair Allah is. On several occasions, I thought of taking "justice" in my own hand, but then I realized the obvious that I can't possibly be more just or more clever in judging or crafting a response to anything. Allah has yet again shown how fair and wise He is in dealing with all matters at hand. When I made sujud tonight, I came to a higher degree of sensitivity and awareness of how vast and solid the earth is. Not a single thing that takes place on its stage escape the sight, hearing, and knowledge of Allah.

So let's just relax and let God.
The proof is getting clearer.

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