Wednesday, November 1, 2017

Do not look back | Welcome November


One Malaysian dai'e (ustaz) who is well known for his humorous delivery yet loaded with practical advice came to my office today. Listening to him caused a sharp uptick in my annual laughter graph like 1st Nov is 'World's Laughter Day' LOL. But on a serious note, the ustaz did impart several important lessons about making the right intention solely for Allah and not wavering when we make a decision to move forward because when Prophet Muhammad salallahalaihiwasalam made his hijrah, he did not look back, not even once. Whenever we do something which we know the Prophet has done, we should consciously make a niyyat of following sunnah as we do it.

The ustaz also encouraged us to pay full attention to verse 100 Surah An Nisa.
"And he who emigrates leaving his home in the way of Allah will find (for hijra/migration) many places in the earth and plentiful provision (for sustenance) and he who leaves his home, migrating towards Allah and His Messenger and then death overtakes him (on the way) his reward with Allah is ensured and Allah is Most Forgiving, ever merciful."

Therefore, be brave to better yourself, as you 'emigrate' from a not-so-positive condition to a better one, as you move forward, do not look back. Yay!

Yes, yay, I welcome November joyfully. We've got about 8 weeks left before 2018. I have very positive expectations for Twenty Eighteen.

Bi iznillah. God willing.
And I'm not looking back. We can't beat Him, the Most Generous and Most Loving Lord when it comes to sweet surprises : )

More so November 2017 cos plenty of good stuff on the way
making it a month to remember InShaAllah
a month that is agreeable all right 

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