Sunday, November 19, 2017

Extra | Be extraordinary


Woke up extra early, hence feeling extraordinary : )
Read extra pages of the Quran during unusual hours, hence feeling extraordinary.
Enjoying being myself and not caring to fit in, hence feeling extraordinary.

"We don't have to be ordinary," said one young Canadian singer, Shawn Mendes, I saw on Twitter. That's a simple yet powerful statement. Empowering too.

Ahh...wait, that's the first call to prayer (iqamah) for Subuh, I'm hearing. The mosque in my village in Gelugor, Penang had recently begun calling the fajr azan twice, as required by the State's Islamic Council. That's wonderful indeed. It's always good to make an extra effort, calling people to do good i.e. perform solah and pave the way to falah (success).

OK, it's time for me to do something extra now before Subuh comes.
Suddenly, the word extra sounds kinda sexy and pretty. LOL.

Have a happy and fruitful Sunday, folks. Fruitful in terms of dunya and akhirah. 
Do extra.
Score extra.

Basking in the morning sun, a couple of days ago.
When life is good, be grateful and no need to be apologetic about it.
When life gets a little challenging, be patient and face it with
extra strength.
Extra deeds bring added benefits.
Extra early early-birds catch extra worms.
Whereas, late risers get extra baggy eye-bags.

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