Friday, November 17, 2017

Love yourself | Friday bliss


"Love is the great 
miracle cure.
Loving ourselves 
works miracles 
in our lives."
- Louise Hay
(American motivational author 1926-2017)

Have a blessed day, folks.
Take care and love yourself.

Am cherishing the opportunity to earn a ticket to heaven - serve my mother 😁 Alhamdulillah
[Carries more weight for me than attending talks that make you feel good for a short while. I think we have to be smarter at prioritizing according to our own unique circumstances.]

Let's have our heart attached to one special man - Prophet Muhammad (pbuh).
Sollu alan Nabi.


Much love (for myself lol)

Penang's popular snacks
Jeruk Pak Ali
[and Charbroil Recipe Hiong Piah Brown Sugar biscuits]
#onlyinpenang #proudtobeamalaysian

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