Thursday, November 30, 2017

Maghrib 12th Rabiul Awal 1439 H


A sight to behold!
The skies of KL welcome an auspicious day.
I was proud to have witnessed the beautiful moment and captured it.

May we "dance" from moment to moment with thoughts and salawat for the Beloved of Allah, the only one who will defend us in the Hereafter. May we belong among those whom he salallah alaihi wasalam longs to see, though we have never met.

Sallu Alan Nabi.

Tonight as I reached chapter 29 of the Quran, I had a somewhat emotionally choking moment as I imagined the man through whom the sacred verses had been revealed, imagined the circumstances at the time of revelation. How simple his life was. How heavy his responsibilities were. How committed he was at wanting to guide mankind. How terrible the challenges he faced. How unassuming he was in his household. How much he loved and defended women and children. How warm a friend he was with his companions. Unlettered, yet a champion he was and still is.

Sallu alan Nabi.

Ya Nuuran Nuuri
Ya mudabbiral umuri
balligh anni ruha 
Sayyidina Muhammad 
tahiyyatan wa salaman

[Forgot where I learned the above selawat, but it has stayed in my heart for several years now.
Rabbi zidni ilma]

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