Wednesday, May 9, 2018

9th May 2018 | Destiny Day


Today is the day when my right hand "carried" my hopes and one sole intention witnessed by the Almighty. It's a day when it matters a great deal to get the left index finger stained for a good reason.

I started voting at Malaysia's General Election since I was 22. That's 25 years ago Subhanallah time flies! At that time, many of my friends who had just come home to Malaysia after having studied in the US for several years thought I was a bit strange to be bothered about exercising my rights. They thought it's not important as there's no urgency for it.

Today as Malaysia embraced the 14th General Election I realized many more young, first time voters turned up, somehow. That's a very good sign indeed.

Anyway, as a Malaysian citizen and as a Muslim, what's most important is that Allah has heard my prayers during the wee hours today. He knew my intention when I made my choice. He knows everyone's intentions and wishes. In any case, His plans shall come to be. No matter the outcomes, may Allah continue to grant us the blessing of living in a peaceful and prosperous country. Ameen.

Hasbunallahu wanikmal wakil
Nikmal mawla wa nikman nasir

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