Monday, May 25, 2009

Shaykh Nazim Adil Haqqani on Love


The Lord created us and loves us; that is why everyone loves love. No one complains of love or wants it to be taken from him, but all want to be loved more.
Where are you seeking love? Are you taking pure water from the gushing source, or muddy, slimy water from the ditch? You love people, but they will die. Perhaps your love will be unrequited, or because of a small error or indiscretion on your part that person's heart will harden to you and love will be no more. You say that you love him or her, but do you love him or her unconditionally? Is your love permanent-love for the real immaculate divine essence living in that person, or temporary, as a result of some desirable attributes: beauty, youth, wealth, station or wit? When that beautiful, young, wealthy, clever, amiable socialite becomes an ugly, old, penniless, senile, grumpy outcast will you still love her? Is your love of the spirit or of the world?
Oh people, seek real love, a love that cannot go astray. That love is the love of God and the love of his creatures for the sake of His love for them. That love emanation may bind all receptive hearts. There is a common saying: "The friend of a friend is a friend", so love people if you love God, for you must know that He loves them. It is not always easy to love people, even good people, so what about the Korahs of this world? Love pertaining to the ego is not love, as all the ego knows is to love itself, and what is commonly called love is but a mutual understanding to support each other's egoism. Don't trust your ego, nor anyone else's, for the ego is disloyal by nature. When the spirit gains ascendancy the ego may be harnessed and put to good use, as the Holy Prophet (sallallaho alayahi wasallam) said: "Your ego is your mount", but left to its whims it will take you many miles from your path in search of herbage.

This discourse is an Ocean, its summary is: what is of the world beware of, and pay attention to the dose. When crossing that ocean embark on a sturdy ship with well-maintained lifeboats and life-preservers, and if you swim in it keep your head above water!

Quoted from: "Women of the Naqshbandi Tariqa" Facebook Group. Originally posted on 18 May 2009 on Haqqani Fellowship
O son, if only this advice had come sooner, if only I had someone to give a good fatherly counsel like this, I would not have made as many mistakes. But past mistakes have made me what I am today Alhamdulillah, and for one who truly understands the essence of tawhid, you should not complain because everything is perfect and beautiful even if it may seem to be imperfect to you. Shaykh Nazim also said:
"The sign of perfection of a servant is to accept everything. A perfect person will see everything which happens in the past, present or future as perfect. If we see anything which is imperfect, it is perfect in its imperfection. The highest adab of a servant is to be able to see everything as perfect. Could you imagine a wezir in the presence of a sultan to say that something is wrong, even if he was allowed? Never! This is how people should behave towards each other, so how about towards Allah?"
Allahu akbar!


  1. la speranza
    allah รจ grande
    perdonaci oh mastoso
    concedici una via per l'uomo
    di goia amore e condivisione
    tieni lontano da noi il frutto amaro
    concedici il tuo amore

  2. MashaAllah, beautiful, though I don't understand French. But I figured 'Allah e grande' means Allahu Akbar.
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    Italian to English translation.
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    allah is great
    oh forgive mastoso
    Give us a way for man
    Goia of love and sharing
    keep us away from the bitter fruit
    Give us your love

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    Much wisdom here, that I
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    May Allah (swt) bless you.
    May Allah (swt) forgive me.
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