Saturday, July 11, 2009

'Do not seek vindication' - Shaykh Muhammad an-Ninowy


One of four signs (or criteria) of the one who is Mutajarid (the purified) is:
'Do not seek vindication for yourself'. What does that mean? Why is he telling you don’t seek revenge for yourself? He's trying to tell you this: as long as you are living with people, you'll be subject to harassment, transgressed upon, stabbed in your back, people backbite you. You'll be exposed to all kinds of evil by people. If the harassment is personal, put it aside, don’t seek vindication for yourself. If you seek vindication, you are not there yet. Saidatina Aisha r.a. says, 'Nabi would never be upset for himself but only angry for the rights of Allah.' They slander him, he says, 'O Allah, forgive them for they do not know.' He's the best of creations. As long as you live, regardless of who you are, no matter how close to Allah you are, you are a subject of harassment to some people.
Don’t ever think of vindicating to people.
Allah is the one who defends those who believe!

Source: Transcript of Shaykh Muhammad an-Ninowy's lecture on Al-Hikam.

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