Friday, June 21, 2024

Thanks for buying 'Boost Your Faith' and for your wonderful review!


I knew it since way back that many of this blog readers are not only highly educated and well trained in their respective fields, but they are also knowledgable in Islamic teachings, particularly on tasawwuf/Sufism.

I am honoured that you have been following this blog for years and that you have bought my book "Boost Your Faith".
If you haven't already left a comment or review on Amazon, please kindly do so. Or you could also leave a comment here. Tell me which chapter or para is your favourite and why.
 : )

This TikTok Video (in Malay though) is a shout out to some of the high-achievers I know.
May Allah continue to bless you (and all of us) with useful knowledge, exemplary practices and excellent manners. Aamiiin.

Hope you have all had a wonderful Eidul Adha.

As ever,
21st June 2024

[my fave part is the Afterword]

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