Friday, January 29, 2010

Animal nature vs. human nature


There exists outside of what we are saying a world for you to seek. This world and its pleasure are allotted to man's animal nature; they are fodder for his animality. The principal thing in man is in decline. Man is called a rational animal therefore, he is two things.

What feeds his animality in this world is:
- passion and
- desire.
But the food for his essential part is:
- knowledge,
- wisdom and the
- vision of God.

Man's animal nature avoids the Real,
and his human nature flies from this world.
"One of you is an unbeliever,
and another of you is a believer." (Quran 64:2)
There are two personae in conflict in this being.
"With whom shall luck be?
Whom shall fortune favor?"

 - Mawlana Jalaluddin Rumi in his 12th discourse in Fihi ma Fihi
Pic credit: Jamylah of Haqqani Fellowship

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