Sunday, January 3, 2010

Say 'One' and run


"Although people say 'One'
yet they hang on many doors,
as they entertain hopes from this man and that.
The Sufi says 'One'
and he runs away from the shadow of his own self."
- Shaykh Ibrahim Gazur Ilahi
in 'The Secret of Anal Haqq' by Khan Sahib Khaja Khan

O son, we've been taught to recite Surah al-Ikhlas continuously over an extended period of time as part of our training on the journey. By the grace of Allah, may He open up the understanding of oneness in our hearts.
So, "Say: He is Allah, the One."
Qul HuwAllahu Ahad.

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  1. Bismillah
    Never give up hope in devine rah'ma. Believe strongly what you were told by parents,because they being our care takers no muslim parent will ever misguide you. Even if they did unknowingly make a mistake Allah, will forgive them and will make the result of that mistake a positive one for you. If one is not true to one's own belief there is no one who can help, other than most high. If one cannot sincerely and truely believe in someting never pretend that you believe in it. Allah never commands one to become a munafig. I think Muslims through out the world are suffering in one way or the other because the have been forced to believe in things they do not understand. Trust first yourself and then Allah Most High. The more you know about Allah the stronger becomes your belief in Allah and most probably one day you will ask Allah to guide you with firm conviction that you will be answered. If that happens your imagination only is you limit. ONLY Allah can give true guidance.
    May Allah almighty guide you. I'm a hidden friend for all true believers, irrespective of race or religion. 432 1ofu