Friday, August 20, 2010

10th Ramadhan 1431 Hijri


May this day be peaceful, merciful and beautiful for you, respected visitors. Thank you for sharing this space with me. Surely, it's never about me but it's about us, that we keep reinforcing one another. We come from vast geographical locations yet we are in close proximity in faith.

As I said, I enjoy watching the live traffic feed, it gives a mixed feeling each time. Seeing Pakistan makes me sad thinking of their calamities. Seeing Argentina, reminds me of a brother who shed tears for his love for the Palestinians. Seeing Singapore, makes me feel supported. Seeing India, makes me miss my Naqshbandi friends there. Seeing Halifax or Canterbury UK makes me wonder oh could that be that sweet sister who has taught me how to love a fellow sister in Islam though we've never met. Seeing Kuala Lumpur, several names of good friends come to mind and caring people who correct my mistakes. Seeing Alor Star makes me humble that one university professor routinely reads my amateurish posts and that he doesn't mind my poor english. Oh, the list goes on. Alhamdulillah. I hope we would all be neighbors in heavens! Bi-iznillah.

I was watching the teraweeh broadcast from Masjidil Haram tonight. Of all the holy words the imam had uttered, I could only pick up this verse: Wallahu sami'un aleem. 'Allah is One who hears all things.'

Certainly, He hears the sound of the floods in Pakistan. He hears the cries of the Palestinians children. He hears the cries of so many women whose hearts may have been broken by their abusive men or disobedient children. He hears the nervousness of sinners who desperately try to purify themselves. He hears the growling stomachs of His poor servants all the time but many of His ungrateful servants only hear them in Ramadhan.
Wallahu sami'un aleem.
And 'Is not Allah sufficient for His slave?' (Qur'an: Az-Zumar 36)

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