Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Confidence is belief


To be honest, my positivity got a little dented last night so it may not be a good time to answer a query from a dear friend - why did I sound so confident about this new year being a good year? But we learn to reject rejection and negativity and not let it dampen our spirits. As long as we know we have a good intention in anything we say or do, we are fine. We believe in ourselves and we be ourselves. InshaAllah.

I was inspired by some lovely graphics discovered this morning. They are from Jack Canfield's website. This is one of them.
ORIGINALITY - Boldly being who you are.

Coming back to the question, why am I confident this year will be a good year. If I could copy the picture above I would have this photo below and say: CONFIDENCE IS BELIEF.

CONFIDENCE is belief.
We have confidence in the righteous people, the solehin, the habaib. We believe in what they say. 

I believe when they raise their hands to make du'a, I believe it has a better chance of being granted. I have absolute confidence in them. When they, from the eyes of their heart, their 'ain basirah, say something, we believe what they say. And belief is seen with the eyes and felt in the heart. You look at their countenance, you just feel soothed, comforted and a sense of peacefulness. The tranquility (mutmainnah) they exhibit on their face and in their demeanor, goes straight into your heart.

So I believe from what I've heard, this year will be a special year because we shall receive heavenly support bi-iznillah. And surely we believe in the unseen. How else do you explain heavenly support? How do you explain God? I think I know why one sage says, 'half of the people who have positive thoughts (husnul zan) towards Allah are in fact saints, wali.' Because, not many people have confidence in their Lord.

Confidence in Allah and His help is belief in Allah and His help.

No doubt we all carry a baggage of sins and a rustic heart, but just have confidence and belief in Him. There's a saying by Ibn Athaillah as-Sakandari  in Al Hikam - Don't look at what you could present to Him, look at what He is capable of granting you.

Wishing all of you a happy year!


  1. belief is taste isn't it .. sort of experiential stuff. We are lucky to be in their presence ... you more than me .. hehehe

  2. Salam Man,
    Man lam yazuq lam yadri. I hear our gurus repeat this often. One who tastes not, knows not. Alhamdulillah we were lucky to be there, but don't la say I'm luckier. Kita serupa : )