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"Say La ilaha illAllah" - Shaykh Hisham Kabbani


Nawaitul arbain, nawaitul iktikaf, nawaitul khalwah, nawaitul uzlah, nawaitul riyadah, nawaitul suluk, fi hazal jameq lillahi ta'ala
[a practice of Naqshbandi tariqah so that your deed is counted as suluk]

Dear brothers and sisters, ladies and gentleman, children and adult,
Happy Hijrah New Year!
Kullu 'ammin wa antum bil khair!
It's the beginning of a new year. It will be a happy year for all of us, a year of heavenly peace. Know that we have begun the new year with zikrullah since Tuesday.

Zikir is like this group doing mawlid, remembering Allah, saying la ilaha illAllah. And forgiving each other for the sake of Allah and the Prophet s.a.w.

Allah reminds us always, Ala bizikrillah tatmainna al-qulub. By remembering Allah, tranquility comes to the heart. If we have a problem or sickness or debts, say Ya Allah! To have love with each other, say Ya Allah. To have peace with each other say Ya Allah. Qul Allah. Say Allah. How much Allah loves this word because you are remembering Him.

We are not here for any project or business except for the love of Allah. Love of Allah means love of the Prophet s.a.w. Love of the prophet means love of mashaikh, the sincere and pious people. Love the shuyukh. We love our parents, family, children, our group and the country. The love of country or nation is from faith. Everything is based on love in this dunya and akhirah. Allah loves us, that's why He creates us.

There is a story of a Bedouin coming to see Prophet asking him about the Day of Judgement. The Prophet asked him back, 'what have you prepared?' He said, 'mahabbatul Ya Rasulullah. I only have love for you Ya Rasulullah'. The prophet answered, 'that is enough' and as narrated in a hadith, people will be resurrected with those whom they love. Souls are like a battalion, like army grouped together. You are coming here together for the love of Allah. Say Allah and leave the rest to play. To save ourselves, say Allah.

Nabi Musa asked to be taught something useful. He was asked to say lailaha illAllah but Musa was not satisfied, he wanted a unique lesson. He said, 'O Allah, but all your servants say la ilaha illAllah. Give me something special'. Know that in Islam there is nothing private. What you have is for everyone. As for shariat it is for all but in matters of spiritual, you will be taught according to your capacity. Qul lailaha illAllah. Don't think that you are above everyone. Prophet Muhammd was asked to say. 'I am a human being like you.' Allah is teaching you to be humble.

There is a famous story of Saidina Ali refusing to kill an enemy for fear of doing it for his ego and anger instead of Allah. Anger is not Islam. Everything you do in life is for Allah.

O Muslim, this is good tiding. You come here to meet and remember Allah. This is important because we can see all Sufi shuyukh and tariqah from beginning to the end are all teaching zikrullah. Our association here is to remember Allah, nothing else.

We refer to a book Kashful Ummah, any servants who say la ilaha illAllah even once, all his sins will be erased completely and hasanatul (goodness) will be given. There is nothing heavier than Allah's beautiful Name. Saying la ilaha illAllah brings benefit to all, no deed can surpass it.

O Muslim, it is important to learn about that and know what we are doing is zikrullah and to have a pure heart, not to be arrogant.

There was a story about a Naqshbandi student complaining to his shaykh that his heart is not improving. Tariqah is a delicate matter, either you accept it (practise/become mureed) or just be a follower. So the student asked his guide, O master, whatever I'll get from you, whatever you open for me of spiritual hikmah, I will share it with others. The guru said: This is the real corruption (fasad) in you. That is a wrong niyyah (intention). That is egoism, corruption. Your real intention from the beginning is not love of zikir or love of shaykh but to be a leader in the community. You cannot have an intention for leadership. Be a sheep, don't be a shepherd. Don't ask to be respected. Respect come from Allah, not from human. O son, take away that bad idea of wanting to become a teacher, remember what Allah has given you of knowledge and favors. Sit in a corner and say Ya Rabbi, shukran lillah, alhamdulillah. Allah says, 'if you thank Me, I will give you more'. Do that until permission comes. Not everyone has the power (to be teacher). Those who think they are doing zikir or sohba or dakwah, must correct their intention. It is from Allah. Thank Allah for what He has given. Don't throw jewels in the street, give them candy instead.

O Muslim, zikrullah will save us and take us to Paradise.

The above is not a complete/verbatim transcript of the sohba.
It's just based on my sketchy notes.
Please always refer to
for all lectures by Shaykh Hisham Kabbani.

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