Monday, January 3, 2011

Knowing what is real and worthy


O son, I wish to put on record, Bismillah and Allah is my witness that I understood that dinar & dirham are sunnah money, and that we shall remain engulfed in the dusts of riba as long as we use any other. This I came to realize a few years back, thanks to several learned friends whom I deeply respect for their dedication in reviving sunnah money. One of them is Prof. Dr. Ahamed Kameel Mydin Meera who has authored three profound books revealing among others: the unjustness of fiat money (paper money) and it being a fundamental riba; gold as the real measurement of wealth; and why & how we will remain stuck in the present riba-laden monetary and financial system.   His books are entitled: 'The Islamic Gold Dinar', 'The Theft of Nations' and the latest being an edited book called 'Real Money'.

Alhamdulillah to have been able to catch up with Dr. Kameel on his new book and be inspired by his unwavering dedication to create awareness on sunnah money. I strongly urge that you read his works so you will know what is real and worthy. You will also be exposed to the ugly realities of seigniorage of fiat money. While Dr. Kameel and his comrades fight to make dinar a legal tender, two things we could do are: to convert our savings into gold and to start buying gold dinar. Because time is fast approaching when only that which is real and worthy will remain useful.

Wallahu a'lam. May Allah guide us to the Straight Path.

REAL MONEY: Published by International Islamic University Malaysia (IIUM)
where Prof. Dr. Ahamed Kameel teaches at Department of Finance

1. Mawlana Shaykh Nazim too has spoken on the fallacies of paper money and the significance of sunnah money in his sohba dated 30 January 2009.
2. 'The Theft of Nations' and 'The Islamic Gold Dinar' are published by Pelanduk Publications Kuala Lumpur
3. Learn more about the author at

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