Thursday, January 27, 2011

Seek God in the heart of others


O son, we learned that His signs are in the horizons and in ourselves. We also learned that we can seek Him in the heart of others just as we visit the sick to seek His pleasures InshaAllah.

We read the sayings of a sufi named Abu Sai'd who said:
"If you wish to draw near to God, you must speak well of all, whether present or absent. If you seek to be a light to guide others, then, like the sun, you must show the same face to all. To bring joy to a single heart is better than to build many shrines for worship, and to enslave one soul by kindness is worth more than the setting free of a thousand slaves."

So, let's all strive to bring joy to as many hearts as possible. Of course, the best heart to which we should bring the most joy is our mothers'. May with the mercies of our mothers, Allah will be merciful towards us.

Reference: Essential Sufism - Edited by J. Fadiman & R. Frager
Credit: Harper San Francisco

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